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A piece of floral bloom has always offered an ultra-feminine and flattering look. This is because of its often sweet, soft colour palettes and a characteristically ladylike look. This makes it in a way a classically feminine wardrobe essential.

In today’s post, I donned a short dress that I bought mainly because I completely fell in love with the floral print However, I thought it was a bit too short for my preferred tastes and it lacked a lining on the skirt part despite its almost transparent fabric. But then after a few tweaks of creativity, I turned it into something praiseworthy. I first added a lining to the skirt part by taking it off an outfit that I don’t wear anymore. I made it to fit the skirt part of the dress then I neatly sewed it to the dress.


After that, I looked for ways to lengthen it just a little bit and without toning down its fanciness. Lately I have been a Pinterest addict and when I needed to search for ways to lengthen my dress I it was my first go to place for some fine ideas. So, I found the hint of adding lace to the bottom of the dress. Instead of using lace, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and channelled my inner creativity and thus, instead of getting lace, I used the scalloped hem of an old wall curtain and voila I had my new unique upcycled dress at absolutely no extra cost  :-)  This even further accentuated the eclectic look of the dress by bringing out a more of a vintage elegance, with a modern touch. I felt this made it way prettier! :-)

Floral-Dress.With the current cold weather it has become almost impossible to wear short dresses so when there was a bit of sunny brilliance last week I couldn’t hesitate! :-) The fact that the dress is all covered up on the top and has long sleeves, makes it still suitable in case the weather turns slightly chilly.

Floral-DressWith the colourful floral prints on the dress, I didn’t feel the need to add a lot of accessories to the outfit. So I just had pink loop earrings and a bangle. Since I felt like this was a playful look I decided to go bold with pink lips.

Floral-Dress-Blooms could easily give old-fashioned and nostalgic look, which may sometimes make it a bit understated. But then, I brought an assertive and spontaneous edge to the look by completing the attire with some pink Vans for the shoes. I felt like they accentuated the girly yet relaxed nature of the overall look.

Vans-With-Floral-DressThis for me is a perfect weekend look since it is relaxed and does not need so much effort to put together and maintain. The length of the sleeves also make it a failsafe look which can be simply elevated to a refined evening look with some heels.

Floral-BloomIf you find something exquisite in your random shopping escapades, don’t be afraid to acquire it even if it lacks a few things, you may be surprised how well it could be after shaking it up just a little bit.


That’s it for now… till next time, have an awesome Friday… adios :-) …xx :-) :-)

Outfit Details

Dress >> Toi Market

Shoes >> Toi Market

Accessories >> Dubois

Shots Taken By: @Shaka_Guru