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On today’s post, I decided to explore an ensemble that is almost entirely comprised of neutrals in order to accomplish rich and interesting guise. A neutral palette tends to evoke an exceptional sense of refinement. One notable merit of neutral colors is that their softness is enhanced by our complexion. In addition, neutral hues can go well with virtually anything that you may have in your closet, even with other neutrals.

Neutral DressHere, I went for a classic nude dress. The color and the simplicity of this piece makes me appreciate it a lot especially since they make it quite versatile. It can be a fine fit for literally any occasion, I can wear it to the office, to both casual and formal meetings during the day and effortlessly ease in to evening events like dinner parties.

IMG_3656For the shoes, I also went for pair of nude toned ankle strapped heels. These are also eternal style staples since they are quite flexible as well. I find them extremely soft and feminine and they nicely bring out some edge into whatever outfit I choose to wear. Their simplicity comes with a touch of lovely sophistication, making them even more adorable.

Nude HeelsFor the accessories , I chose the pink neck-piece for the outfit to dexterously incorporate a range of shades into the look. A simple pop of color unleashes an unanticipated boost to an otherwise softer neutral palette. It is a fine add to the look since it prevented the ensemble from appearing too clean.

Touch Of PinkAs you can notice, when you pair just a single pop of color to an all neutral palette, the brighter shade is allowed by the neutrals to bring out a wow-factor. Here, the soft look of the dress served as a canvas for the pink neck-piece. As much as the neutral hue dominated the entire ensemble, the splash of color from the neck-piece is what makes it memorable.

Neutral Trend

Nude Dress

I dint do much with the make up here, I did just a few touches here and there for a simple all natural look. The neutral theme of today’s ensemble gives an ultra-flattering combo which is ideal for whatever occasion that comes to thought. It is sometimes said that donning two neutrals is a bit tricky, which is actually true, however, with just a little creativity, you will definitely come up with a fabulous ensemble in the end. Neutrals are a must have closet staple which will always come to your rescue whenever you find yourself stuck while choosing what to wear for the day.


Thank you for reading, till next time xx :-)

Outfit Details

Dress >> Veteran House

Shoes >> Backyard Shoes

Neck-Piece >> Dubois Road

Shots Taken By >> @Shaka_Guru