Denim Vest + White Pants + Red Heels

Hello beautiful people :-)

The denim vest is yet another classic indispensable closet staple much like the denim jackets, their longer sleeved sisters. It is quite a versatile piece that can be donned in a variety of stylish ways and its additional merit is bringing about a touch of cool to virtually any look. Mostly, guises comprising of the denim vest are perfect for the warmer seasons, since the warmth in the season requires minimal layering without being excessively bulky.


In fact it is one of the simplest trends to embrace, what makes it even more lovable is that it instantly augments some edge to practically any outfit present in your wardrobe. There are also a wide range of denim vest designs that you can acquire depending on your tastes. Here, I went for a medium blue vest with a subtle fade which was formerly an oversize jacket that I slimmed after getting rid of the sleeves. I love this piece because of flexibility, it goes very well with the rest of my closet items. Fitting vests have a tendency of accentuating your upper body and can also bring out your waistline quite well.


DenimWhite-1.3One of the best ways of retaining the fresh and cute denim look is breaking it up with white pants. The white pants complement the effortlessly cool and casual yet comfortable look. White is a very modern easy to combine color making these pants another ultimate wardrobe staple. This combination is a crisp sophisticated look which you can rock both day and night in you weekend encounters.


DenimWhite-1.0If you have always been reluctant to dressing up in white, then it’s about time you tried it out. As long as you have a few tricks up your sleeves, one of them being pairing it up with a denim piece, you will successfully nail the look and make an impressive fashion statement. For the shoes, well, you can go for any that make you comfortable. Here, I completed the outfit ensemble with some pretty, red double-sole heels. The gave a fancy pop of color to the look and they make me taller :-)

DenimWhite-1.6Accessorizing with edgy embellishments is a fine way of smoothly finishing off the look. Here, I glammed up the garments with a somewhat vintage piece and threw in a few bracelets and a ring to give the outfit a welcomed amount of glitz. This attire ensemble will give you a perfect, laid back yet classy weekend look that is quite easy to pull of. Thanks for the read, have a lovely rest of your evening. :-)

Outfit Details:

Denim vest >> DIY

White Pants >> WBC

Shoes >> Same Here

Accessories >> Dubois Road

Manicure >> Luxe Nails Parlour

Shots Taken By >> @Shaka_Guru