Hi loves… I am hoping you have all been great. I love fresh manicure!! This is why I change my mine at least twice a week. I know its relatively demanding but trust me when you love and enjoy doing something you can never be too tired to do it. :) Anyway, I also change it that often because being a campus student I get to do most of the housecleaning by myself. They end up chipping quite easily and I just don’t like their look after that.

That being said, today I would like to share an amazing trick of creating an optical illusion with your nail polish. It is actually very simple. What you need to do is just to add a single short even strip of white nail art close to the edges of your freshly done nails. The strip has to be gradually receding towards both ends to bring out the best effects. This will give your manicure an impression of reflection from the sun or any other source of light. Check out the snapshots below and you will know what I mean! Give it a little visibility distance, Remarkable! Isn’t it?

DSC03610 DSC03611 DSC03612 DSC03613 DSC03614

My new mani’ consists of the following colours;

  • Luron base coat
  • Luron Tips and Toes – 13 (pink)
  • Flormar nail enamel – 431 (turquoise)
  • Luron white nail art
  • Luron top coat


I hope the simple design will inspire you as you do your own manicure. You can use different colour combinations that represent your style, for me I have an undying fascination to bright colours. Do enjoy yourselves… kisses!!