Hello Gentlemen :-)

Today, we take a look at one of the ways of playing around with dressing the argyle sweater, which is among the most popular knitwear. It is an exqusite timeless piece which has been cycling in and out of fashion for a while now. Typically, a fine sweater tends to add a couple of pounds to a rather skinny frame and at the same time, it has the ability to streamline a built up or large physique. Apart from basically keeping you warm in the cold season, it is one of the best pieces to break free from the sharp and strictly formal monotony since it adds a bit of style to your look.


The plain weave of the argyle sweater makes it appropriate even for slightly warmer conditions and the somewhat delicate look make it dynamic for both casual and professional settings.


Sweaters are most flattering when you wear a size that is closely fitting to the body. A sweater that is too big tends to drown your frame in the fabric. However, this does not mean that you should choose a smaller size, it will end up being too tight and you will look ridiculous.


One of the most distinguishing features of this sweater is the slightly low cut V-Neckline. This type of neckline tends to draw attention to the facial profile and further accentuates your upper body silhouette to give it a leaner impression. This makes it quite safe for formal dress downs although you may have to pair it up with a dress shirt or t-shirt depending on the setting.


As a result of its characteristic lines, pattern and colour co-ordination it is one piece that really stands out. Due to its visual distinctiveness, you have to realize that it will be the centre of your entire ensemble. To that effect, anything that you pair it up with should be simple and most preferably plain to prevent competition within the outfit. The best colour for these types of sweaters are solid colours and they are easily complemented when combined with neutral colours in the rest of the outfit.


Here, it was effortlessly donned with some off white khaki pants with black well-polished dress shoes. This gave it a sort of smart casual look. It is an excellent combination for the weekends and casual Fridays in office settings.


To enhance the refined sense of the look, a small neckpiece together with a few wardrobe staples i.e sunglasses and a stylish wrist watch are just enough.


That is it for today gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed the read. Have a superb weekend.

Outfit Details

Argyle Sweater: Garissa Shopping Malls

Pants: Toi Market

Dress Shoes: Bata

Wrist Watch: Jamia Mall

Shots Taken By: @Shaka_Guru