Hello cupcakes :-)

February is among the most anticipated months of the year, mainly because it comes with rather immense romantic exploits especially because of Valentine’s Day. Our first instinct ladies, is rising to the occasion by dressing up for the magical moments.

Astral Romance 1

Red is the classical attire colour that best befits the mood of the season especially because of what it portrays…love, enthusiasm and intense passion. Remember, as you choose what to acquire for this day, it should be festive enough to embrace the sentimental theme of the holiday, yet versatile enough to be a staple in your closet. In that case, what is more dynamic than a maxi dress?…

Astral Romance 2

Here I went for this flowing piece which goes gracefully all the way down draping around my feet in a beautiful way. This makes it rather fun, its effortlessness gives an ease of movement and can be donned if part of your plan for the day is a romantic walk under the gleam of the golden sun.Astral Romance 3

The length of the sleeves make me adore this dress even more, this length is lauded to be the most flattering lengths to the body frame. It generally draws attention to the point of your body where your sleeve ends, especially your waistline and it also has a slimming effect on your silhouette.

Astral Romance 4

The sleeves also give the dress a merit of comfort and you easily transition to the night without having to add anything to the outfit even with drops in temperature. I also treasure this piece because of the lace fabric of the upper body section, it makes it even more gorgeous!

Astral Romance

With a maxi dress, unless it is a wedding or a formal event, I always opt for a flat pair of shoe. I prefer a strappy sandal or as in this case, a peep toe sling back sandal as opposed to a closed flat shoe as it may feel like you have covered up too much :-) I chose colour white for the shoes to restrain myself from going overboard with the red shade.

Astral Romance 7

The gold-ish accents make this piece applaud worthy and this also eliminates the need for any additional neck embellishments. I accessorised it with a simple pair of half loop earrings and well, the Patek Phillipe watch was a plus to the ensemble as it went well with the colour of the dress. Wonderfully done manicure will certainly add the flair to your overall radiance.

Astral Romance 8

As you prep yourself for the special day, go for subtle prints, crisp and chic pieces that will accentuate your body type and rock it like you own it. You will dazzle your date with utter elegance, taking your romantic experience to a different plane whatever your plans for the day are :-)

Astral Romance 9

Till next time, Ba-bye :-) 😉 xoxo

Outfit Details

Maxi dress >> Amal Shopping Mall,Garissa

Peep-Toe Sling-Back Flats >> Mr.Price

Watch >> Gifted

Manicure >> LuxeNailsParlour

Shots Taken By: @Shaka_Guru