Aztec Skater Dress + Knee Length Boots:

Hallo everyone :-)

The Aztec print has for quite some time now been cycling in and out of fashion, however, as the old adage goes, “fashion fades but style is eternal”… If you dress it up in a unique way, it will turn out to be stunningly elegant.

Lately I have come to appreciate the skater dress with its modest yet refined kind of look. With the year finally coming to an end and there being New Year parties, this can be a great outfit to rock.


I paired this skater dress with a pair of knee high boots which can nicely curb the cold especially since New Year parties tend to be in the evening through the night. When pairing up boots with dresses or skirts, you need to ensure that the length of the dress or skirt is above the knee and the boot just skims the knee. To keep this look hot but still classic, choose boots with minimal adornment, a thin heel and tall to your desired height.



I also love this Aztec print skater dress because of its low back which is somewhat daring, making it a tad flashy! The ¾ length sleeves are also quite convenient when it comes to the ‘warmth’ factor as compared to a sleeveless dress.


With this Aztec print as well as a variety of other prints, accessorising is a bit tricky. I adorned it with minimal accoutrements so as not to overdo the ensemble details. For the earrings I gave a few tries; I first sought, diamond shaped chained earrings just to see what came out best and I finally settled for the looped pieces. Apart from being trendy, they go well with the hairstyle (cornrows) since it does not overlap to the sides of the ears. They give the visage an appealing aesthetic balance even with the simplicity.I then threw in some bangles and rings to complement the look.
If you are planning to attend a New Year party then this is a simple yet outstanding look to pull off!



Outfit details:

Aztec Skater Dress: Maxine Collection

Accessories: Mr. Price

Boots: Ngara

Shots Taken By: Shaka_Guru


I wish you all the very best in the coming year .

See you all in 2015, Thank you for reading :-)