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I hope that you are all doing fine so far this week. I started my industrial attachment this month and I am liking the experience as a whole so far; from the new environment to interacting with different people to learning more in my career path and as always, hunting for fresh outfit inspirations that I can borrow a leaf from :-)

One of the many things I have come to notice and even experienced at one point, is that by the time evening comes, most people are worn out and due to many reasons they have chapped lips. Unlike the skin, the lips do not have oil glands, therefore, this leads to cracking/chapping very easily if not taken care of properly. Chapped lips can be as a result of a number of reasons, some may even be medical. Chapping reduces the attractiveness of the lips and they could also be painful and irritating. So, today I would like to tell you about some of the causes and remedies of chapped lips.

1. Weather

With this hot weather, it is said that most moisture is lost through the lips than any other part of the body or face. For this reason, we need to lock the moisture in by applying some good amount of lip balm. Getting a lip balm with sunscreen protection to protect your lips from the harmful rays of the sun is best. Also during the cold weather you need to protect your lips from the cold.

Causes & Remedies Of Chapped Lips-Hot & Cold Weather

2. Dehydration.

Chapped lips is a sign of body dehydration, therefore, if you do not drink enough water during the day, by the time evening comes you will be worn out and your lips will be cracked.

Causes & Remedies Of Chapped Lips-Dehydration

3. Licking and biting your lips.

Most people tend to do this subconsciously. Once you feel your lips are dry you lick them to make them softer, then they are dry again and you lick them. When you lick your lips and the saliva evaporates, more moisture from the lips evaporates making them even drier than before and that is why licking your lips then becomes a cycle. As you lick your lips, the upper layer which now gets dry and rough shrinks and is separated from the moist layer below it. The only way to stop this is by ensuring that you do not lick your lips and also anytime your lips dry up you immediately apply some lip balm.

Causes & Remedies Of Chapped Lips-Licking And Biting Your Lips

4. Medical Conditions.

There are a variety of medical conditions that may lead to you having dry chapped lips. One of the most common one is when you have a cold and you have to breathe through your mouth. This can be very irritating especially when you have to go through with your daily activities. One way you can avoid this is by just ensuring that you use a generous amount of lip balm on your lips at any time especially during the night. Other medical conditions that may cause drying up of your lips include periodontal diseases and cheilitis. For this you need to visit a doctor and get medication.

Causes & Remedies Of Chapped Lips-Medical Conditions

5. Others.

There are many other reasons that cause chapped lips like the toothpaste that you use daily. If it contains sodium lauryl sulphate for instance, then it might be the reason behind your dry lips. Allergies from the products that you use on your lips such as your lipstick may also be the cause. In addition, citrus fruits can irritate your lips because of their juice which may also cause a sun sensitive allergy that looks like chapped lips, to prevent this you can moisturise your lips after having a citrus fruit like an orange. Putting metals on to your mouth subconsciously is another reason to you having chapped lips, do not put any metals on or in your mouth. You could also be having dry lips if the office you work from does not have good air circulation.

Causes & Remedies Of Chapped Lips-Others

Finally, the best way to care for your lips is by drinking a lot of water in the cause of the day and by moisturising them constantly. For moisturising products you can look for those that have petroleum or beeswax ingredients and sun protection. Personally, I like to apply some petroleum jelly on my lips at night after washing my face, then in the morning I use a cotton cloth and warm water to exfoliate my lips. This works so good and it also helps your lipstick to last longer in the day. Generally use of petroleum jelly with no sun protection as a lip moisturiser during the day is not recommended. Instead, look for lip balm with UV protection.

Causes & Remedies Of Chapped Lips-Remedies

I hope this will be of great help to you and in case you have any recommendations or questions you can leave a comment below.

Thank you for stopping by and have a fruitful week.  :-) :-)