Checked Tailored Pants + Vest Waist Coat Suit:

Happy Mashujaa’s Day fellow patriots!!

“From rags to riches”…those are the words I can use to describe this outfit…at least. A while ago, I was going through some of the old clothes at home that had never been worn, just hoping to get something small that I could transform. To my relief, my efforts bore literally much better fruits than I had expected. I found an old dress whose material was in great condition, just lying around gathering too much dust. So I decided to make something beautiful out of it and that is when I thought of this outfit’s design then visited my tailor.

IMG_4697 IMG_4695

It’s quite rare to come across such an attire… that is one of the main reasons why like it. The false velvet pockets and the bottom helm of the three quarter length pants gives the outfit a fabric variety + the lining material at the back of the vest waist coat.

Thinking about these shoes,…I would advise for you to carry an extra pair of flat shoes always, unless you are driving, they are quite tiresome to walk in for long periods!! However, with practice, you get used to it. :) Personally, I mostly reserve them for occasions, I find them extremely gorgeous and trendy :).

chequerd-shadows-2 chequerd-shadows-3


This outfit can be worn by ladies of a very wide age range, the difference will come with the fitting. Younger ladies will definitely go for a relatively tighter fitting whereas the older ladies could go for a little less tight fitting. I decided to go for the loosely fitting pants towards the bottom since the coat was much tighter. I felt that it gave the attire a classier look as opposed to both the vest waist coat and pants being tight. This look can comfortably be worn to the office, formal meetings and parties, meeting with friends or even during your day to day endeavours. You can also pair it up with flat shoes for a weekend if the outfit is more of a loose fit.



Enjoy your day as you celebrate and appreciate the mashujaa’s in your life…thanks for stopping by and reading…ba-bye…kisses!!