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Base make up which is mostly composed of foundation, is probably the most crucial component of make-up. I have a rather strong conviction that the moment you go wrong with this, you are probably going to go downhill in the rest of your make-up application. Getting the ultimate formulation for you requires a certain amount of attention to detail, all the little things that you may be overlooking are probably the most essential when it comes to superb make-up results. Here is how you can be better at selecting the make-up formulation that is going to suit you best.

Selection based on your skin type

For Normal skin;

You are quite a lucky person, when it comes to foundation for instance, any type, whether, cream, powder or liquid, they are all going to work with you. Majority of ladies have normal skin type which makes it a little easier to choose the make-up formulations as authentic products seldom have a negative effect.

For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, your best bet is going for products with a fine moisturising content as they will counter the naturally drying effect of your skin. Go for a dense moisturising formula or you might as well acquire a serum with sufficient moisture content. This will result to an amazing conditioning of your skin that will yield a slither effect. You should then accompany this with a creamy to liquid formula of foundation which will easily fuse and sink in into your skin giving you striking results.

For Oily Skin

With this type of skin, you should go for primers rather than moisturisers since they have a more effective oil regulation capability. Use products that will bring out a matte coverage and finish too and when it comes to foundation, you will have a great outcome with solid form formulas. Stick and cake foundations have amazing results on oily skin since they have drying effect. However, if you are fond of liquid foundation, make sure that it is oil-free.

For Combination Skin

This needs a certain amount of tactic since a variety of products will be excellent for parts of your face and may turn out to be quite the opposite on the rest of your face. In any case, go for formulations that will swallow up the oil in the T-zone and simultaneously nourish the rest of the face with moisture. Generally, stick and cake foundation could be very handy in the masking of the excessive lustre in the T-zone and balance well in the remainder of the facial region. Also, the foundation that you use, has to be oil-free and should have moisturising content as well.

For Sensitive Skin

You have to be extremely cautious with the type of make-up product that you use if you have a sensitive skin type. Make sure that the product is hypoallergenic, these are less likely to result to a severe allergic reaction. Try using fragrance-free and oil-free products, in addition, products that have been clinically tested by cosmetic and dermatology experts for irritation of the skin could also work well.

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