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I am fairly sure a number of you have made plans for your dates this February on that special day i.e. the 14th. You are probably wondering what you can wear to your date so that you can sweep your lovely lady off her feet. Well, this post will give you exclusive insight on one of the finest ways to dress up.

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White is quite literally the most versatile color, in simple terms, it is a blank canvas that awaits you to give it color. Therefore, this means that it is upon you to take advantage and maximize on its versatility. Generally, white pants make a loud statement, however, the attention grabbing element consist of more than just the loudness of the color; this shade also carries a persistent undertone of wealth and prestige. Thus, it is a perfect color for making a bold statement. Here, the white chinos were a perfect piece to start off the look

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Due to the adaptability of white, you should think outside the box and go for something else apart from the regular solid colors. One surefire way of nailing the white look is by going for a striped shirt. Usually, stripped shirts have the tendency of amazingly flattering your figure since they have a lengthening effect on the torso giving you a slender figure. Throwing in a colorful stripped shirt will enhance the liveliness of the outfit. Most guys are not really drawn to color but if you give it a try with primary colors, the results are undeniably impressive. As seen here, the stripped multi-colored dress shirt excellently complemented the white chinos.

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The surest way of completing the elegance of this look is by adding a blazer. Blazers are a classic way of giving your ensemble a touch of sharp semi-formal look. As you probably know, black is the most obvious color that will generate a superb contrast with anything white. A charcoal blazer will also do fine in this case. The darkness of the blazer complements the look by somewhat toning down the brightness of the look as the color may seem too aggressive.

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Well for the shoes, slip on dress shoes, oxfords or loafers will go well with the look. Make sure what you choose is stylish enough to retain the panache of the ensemble. Here, the vintage black tassel brogues indisputably sauced up the suave look.
There it is gentlemen, a splendid way of dressing up for your date and build up the romantic mood of the day all the way through the evening. Thank you for reading,
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Outfit Details

Striped Dress Shirt >> Jamia Mall

Blazer >> Tailor Made

White Chino Pants >> Jamia Mall

Vintage Tassel Brogues >> Toi Market

Shots Taken By >> @Shaka Guru