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I hope February is treating you right so far :-)

craving mustard 3

As I make an effort to collect all my thoughts together into a sensible bunch, Demi Lovato’s Confident keeps playing over and over in my head… I have to say, I was bathed with a surge of confidence when I donned the outfit on today’s post! The abundance of the spicy, somewhat hushed, earthy tone of a mustard yellow top is really an excellent mood boosting injection to your outlook. Unlike an awfully bright and dizzying yellow, the mustard shade is more forgiving with a kind of mellow tone. It’s less in your face per se, but still energetic enough to uplift your spirits.

craving mustard 4

This top literally gave life to today’s ensemble… It would be the oxygen if this attire were an ecosystem. The mustard shade conjures up a vintage vibe which is further enriched by the pleats in line with the blouse’s buttons. The fairly tiny yet visible embroidered pattern just below the neck also polished up the vintage note. I decided to fold the cuff part of the sleeves just to add uniqueness to the look and I like that it even made the sleeves have a slightly bishop structure.

Craving yellow 1

I always like slipping on colourful pieces that make me stand out, but then again I take to subtler hues on the rest of the ensemble so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by the boldness of the brighter more eye-catching shade. I settled on black and white patterned pants and they were flawless in toning down the bright mustard. Despite their neutrality of colour, the printed, cropped pants were not too overwhelmed by the hip vibrance of the mustard yellow.

craving mustard 7

These pants can also give your figure a highlight because of the cropped design and how high they are on the waist as well. The fit is just right and again, it empowered the vintage presence of the look. All the same, going all bold with fully fledged colour can also be wondrous! If you saw Lady Gaga’s embroidered gown by Marc Jacobs at the 2016 Grammys you know what I mean!

craving yellow 5

For, accessories I colour-blocked the blouse. Yellow and blue have never gone wrong, so I had blue stud earrings and a blue clutch purse. There was no need for a neck accessory, the pretty embroidery just below the collar at the front was an accoutrement enough for that area.

craving yellow 6

I took to a black belt and not a blue one to avoid being too matchymatchy. I went for these strappy heels because I felt like the criss-crossy pattern going on somewhere on the lower straps nicely complemented the pants.

craving mustard 9

I can’t really think of where you can’t go with this look, that is how versatile the combination is!

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Blouse >> Thrift

Pants >> I’m taking orders!!!

Accessories >> Dubois Road

Shoes >> Veteran House (CBD)

Shots Taken By >> Willy Muturi Photography