Hello loves :-) Just after I was done with my thorough nail care regimen over the weekend, I thought it was a good idea to share it here with you. Usually, I do this nail-care routine on weekends like these so that I can have remarkable nails throughout the week. I hope this post will be enlightening enough to enable you to have a pitch perfect manicure.


Getting Rid of Previous Polish

The first step to a good manicure is always to remove any previous polish you have on your nails. For this I use a nail polish remover and some cotton balls. Since I always do my own nails, I like buying a 500ml bottle of nail polish remover, which can take me up to a whole year. It is way cheaper than buying small sized bottles regularly.

Nail Shaping

After that, I file my nails into the shape that mirrors the curve of my nail base using a nail buffer, it is actually the most flattering nail shape “the squoval shape”.

easy manicure tips 8      


Next, I put some warm water in a basin and add some salt and baking powder into the water, I then dip my hands inside for at least 10min. The salt softens your hands as the baking powder removes any polish stains on your nail. After the 10min, remove your hands from the water and pat the excess water with a towel and let the rest dry by itself. Using a cuticle remover, I push back the cuticles and trim any hangnails using a nail cutter. I don’t advice cutting them (cuticles) as it may lead to infections on your nail. easy-manicure-tips-1   easy-manicure-tips-2



Just before I polish my cleansed nails, using polish remover and cotton balls I swipe clean my nails. This ensures there are no oils or soap on my nails that can lead to peeling of polish a short while after application.


Afterwards, I get to choose what colour(s) I want on my nails that week. I choose this according to my activities and also what I plan to wear. It feels great when my polish compliments my OOTD.

Step 1: First step that can never be skipped is the application of a base coat. This fills any dents on your nail to ensure that that the polish goes on smoother and it also ensures your manicure stays on longer.

Step 2: Apply one coat to each nail and allow it to dry then apply 2 thin coats of my desired colour waiting each coat to dry before applying the next coat. I use 3 strokes on each, down the middle then one on the left starting from where I started the first and the last one on right.

Step 3: To finish off this step I apply a top coat as well I did with the colour. It helps my polish last longer, resist chipping and always retain a brilliant lustre.

Step 4: In case there is any polish that has smudged on the skin, I dip a cotton bud dipped in polish remover or a tooth pick wrapped in a thin layer of cotton wool dipped in polish remover to clean it off. Sometimes I decide to do my polish at night and in case there are any smudges I remove them in the morning after I shower, I find this better and easier :-).


Step 5: After my polish is dry I apply my cuticle oil generously especially around the nail to ensure they are moisturised. For this I have been using extra virgin olive oil for a month now and I love my nails more as they are better :-). The cuticle oil extends the life of your polish by preventing your nails from drying and also becoming brittle which also leads to peeling of your polish.

easy manicure tips 7

Tips & Tricks For Manicure Perfection.

  • Do not file wet nails.
  • File nails in one direction.
  • Always keep applying your cuticle oil like 3 times a day and more during the cold days.
  • Swiping your topcoat regularly (daily) on your manicure makes it last longer and shiny.
  • Use rubber gloves when cleaning.

easy manicure tips

  • Use your remover generously to make it faster and easier + better results.
  • Avoid nail polish bottles that have started clumping/thickening.
  • Apply cuticle oil on your polish if it is not completely dry and you are heading out to avoid anything from sticking on your polish.
  • Repair your chip by using a buffer to smooth out the rugged edge then fill in the chip with a thin layer of polish and after it’s dry add a top coat.

You actually do not need to go to a nail spa, you can do it by yourself. If you have been holding back from getting yourself a plentiful collection of your favourite polish bottles and manicure tools for the fear of you might not be good at it, you do not have to any more. With these steps, you are good to go! The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step! If you may have any questions or suggestions regarding the above feel free to comment below.

As always, you are highly appreciated for stopping by :-) <3

Have a fantastic week loves :-)