Emerald Playsuit

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Not so long ago the playsuits or rather rompers were little more than items of an occasional laugh through the ‘70s re-runs… thank God this one-stop style spectacle has been brought back to life and keeps on being refurbished into ever-more- eccentric incarnations to effortlessly befit every whim and body type…. even as I keep typing this post…


The versatility and the elegance of the playsuit inspired me to come up with the design of this piece to add to my vintage-chic throw-it-on collection. While they can look great on the hanger, this look can be rather infantilising on a grown woman, particularly for those of us no longer in our teens… Naturally when the topic of playsuits comes up, it almost often leads to the question, “But how on earth would we don them without looking like a toddler, or showing off way too much flesh?” Well, if you worry about that, this is one of the many ways you can do it quite gracefully

Then, of course, there’s the fact that you ought to totally undress every time you want to use the little girl’s room: ain’t nobody got time for that! 😀  But then, that is too little of a demerit to make you look away…!


It is the cosiest and most stylish piece of clothing when a lovely cut and a beautiful fabric combination are chosen. I have always had a soft spot for silky but no too silky fabrics and for this case, I went for the emerald shade of a silk-satin fabric. I added some lace to the loose-cut legs on this green, putting a new spin on the Victorian/Edwardian trend. The lace drew attention to the lower section making it a fine updo, and it was even more flattering to the thighs.


Irrespective of how stunning your figure is, the super-tight, super- short rompers that keep turning up in stores time and again will look more like beachwear or even lingerie, making that a good enough reason to avoid them. For playsuits, always get one size bigger, one which looks more of a ‘dress’ because, well, it “falls” better …

I glammed up this playsuit with a pair of statement heels, a matching body-chain and a great evening clutch. I used the multi-strand ornate body-chain to bring out a luxe twist, to rock up the vintage feel a little more. I can attest to you that there’s a bit of seduction, lure and empowerment a dainty body chain gives you. It is not uncommon for individuals to assume that you have to walk around half naked while wearing them which is actually not the case… there are ways to rock body chains in a classy more covered up way. When styled right they can look sophisticated when worn over an attire and equally as sharp peeking out from underneath a shirt, both ways, it augments an extra visual element at the bust…

Emerald-RomperIn fact, it just may be the most flexible item in your arsenal of accessories…Taking it beyond the beach allows for even more room for experimentation. Multi-stranded, harness-like body-chains may possibly be over the top when worn as beach wear, but done right, they will add just the right touch of drama to any evening look. They are also a fine way to let your jewellery take the centre stage in your attire. Whether you pick out a show-stopping multi-stranded type or a fine, elaborate design, body chains straightaway up the enticing factor of any look: an inventively cool approach to dressing for parties.


I threw in these pair of shoes to execute an added cute factor and a fun contemporary touch. From a dazzling night out to a little extra oomph every day, gold strappy sandals make a lasting impression. The go well with a wide range of colours and draw the eye with every step as they add a dreamy shimmer to any evening wear….The towered heel and elevated toe were a definite plus to my height, creating a striking leggy look when worn with short styles as I did or even some capri pants.


Always keep in mind that context is everything, it is of the utmost importance since even the finest styles may not always be appropriate for very formal settings. However, it is a fool proof go-to attire for an evening look. Just like the timeless elegance of a full tuxedo suit, the playsuit is a stylish piece that is unswerving from top to toe – or rather in this case, from top to thigh.


In my instance, I donned it for an evening event, to showcase my first runway designs. If you follow me on social media, you must have had a glimpse of them. I also donned this look to wedding evening party and it was a blast!

Thank you for stopping by, till next time! Au revoir! :-*

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