Hello beautiful people :-) :-)

This being my final year in campus, I have decided to enjoy it by wearing outfits that are termed as “not work appropriate” in the corporate world. My latest obsession is this pair booties that I try hard not to put it on all the time because it goes with almost everything  :-)  The double sole just makes them so much comfy and above all they make me so tall  :-) :-)

Red Leather Jacket +White DenimThis time, I decided to pair these booties with white denim pants, I felt that they blended quite well with this icy cold season. I like to keep my colours bright even during the cold season as it also a nice way to keep me in high spirits, red particularly makes me feel like some sort of frivolous fire is burning inside me.

White Denim + Red LeatherWhite jeans may be tricky to wear but then, they can look very chic when worn with confidence, with a combination of the right accessories I used to think that getting a nice pair of white jeans was somehow a waste because of how easily they get stained, but thank God for bleach! :-) Actually most white jeans are bleach friendly therefore, you need not fear the much disliked stains!

Read Leather & White DenimAs for the top, I went for a black and white print crop top to bring the look together and then added a pop of colour to the whole outfit with the red leather jacket. I still cannot put my head around the fact that this leather jacket was a thrift :-) It’s just the right fit and length. I love the colour and the little zips details.

White Denim & Red LeatherFor the accessories I went for simple loop earrings and a small chain so that they would not compete with the outfit. Since I was going to class, I carried my tote bag which could fit my books and also complement my outfit  :-)

BLack Boots + White DenimThis whole outfit to me is my version of a ‘his style’ into a chic ‘her style’ with much more colour than a guy would have on :-)  I like to match my perfume with the kind of mood/theme of outfit. So for this kind of outfit I didn’t go for my usual floral and fruity perfumes instead I went for a mild scent; Pure Poison by Christian Dior.

White Denim

There are a wide range of scents suitable for this outfit depending on your tastes e.g. Cool Water Lady, Invictus, Organza, Amarige and the like. They are exquisite fragrances with somewhat mild scents. If you are a lover of masculine scents like One Million Man, DnG Light Blue and also Versace, this is also one of the best outfit ensembles to blend with them. All these perfumes are available at La Bouss Scents and in case you are not sure which one to pick you are assured of the best assistance

Red Leather + White Denim

If you have any suggestions of outfits you would like to see that are ‘not work appropriate’ you can tell in the comments section below.

Till next time, zaijian   :-) :-)

Outfit Details

White Denim >> WBC

Red Leather Jacket >> Thrift

Boots (same here) >> Veteran House

Accessories >> Mr Price

Fragrance >> La Bouss Scents

Shots Taken By >> @Shaka_Guru