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The fringe is one of the outfit trends that has never completely been out of fashion. It is interesting that fringe has been donned from time immemorial, as far back as the ancient Mesopotamian times. This steep history proves that we humans have always had an intrinsic fascination with rows of ribbons. In the recent times, the fringe has been undergoing a predominantly strong resurgence in the world of fashion. Despite it feeling like the characteristic regalia of circuits of musical festivals, vintage shops or exclusively one note, it is actually an amazingly versatile piece :-)

Fringe + Minimal accesoriesI have always had a persistent sense that fringe attires tend to give some sort of unforgettable high-impact looks. This pushed me to come up with the design of this attire…

It is almost obvious that a trend which has this amount of wow factor could be rather intimidating to take on since it seems quite tricky to pull off. Nonetheless, I hope that the elegance in this simple take of the fringe will cure you of any anxiety whether you are a first-timer or even a fashion guru.

Fringe BlurrI decided to make my outfit a definite eye-catcher with subtle fringe accents starting from slightly above the knee all the way to the hem of the dress. The effortless dance of the long strands with every gentle breeze gives the dress an exceptionally fun look.

Fringe styleThis is a supreme style for weekend dressing especially since it is relaxed, painlessly cool, and wonderfully fun. Slot in such a piece into your wardrobe in this form or even a skirt and playfully reveal some skin from the knees down.

Fringe LookSince the fringe attire is a statement itself, it is notably easy to embellish with accessories. I threw in as little accoutrements as possible. Long multi-stringed neck pieces, excessively large dangling earrings or bracelets have to be avoided. Apart from significantly taking away the sought after dramatic look of the dress, they will also bring out a redundant look! I took to some gorgeous small drop earrings, which balanced this look by drawing attention to the facial area. Fringes require simple yet urbane accessories like studs or as I did here.

Accessorizing the fringeI completed this fancy look by gracefully bringing some glamorous modernism to this vintage style with some beige strappy sandals. This resulted to a divinely contemporary and tasteful ensemble.

Nude Strappy HeelsApart from donning this look for daytime frolics, the fun and spirited nature of fringed frocks could be a fresh reason for you to keep twirling the night away. With a bit of appropriate layering for instance with a well- fitting blazer, you could easily transition it to an evening look.

FringeI trust that this post will make you rethink this classic trend to incorporate it into your wardrobe, urge you to wear it out and twirl around in with the frisky strands in buoyant confidence.

As always, thanks a bunch for reading! :-)  Till next time, au revoir!! :-) :-)

Outfit Details

Fringe Dress >> Self-Made (DIY)

Strappy Sandals >> Same Here

Earrings >> Dubois Road

Shots Taken By >> @Shaka_Guru