I truly do not understand how excited I get the moment I purchase one more polish to add to my never ending collection. It’s rather funny how I always feel the urge to keep applying the latest acquisition for like two whole weeks without getting tired of it. My most recent addition is the Flormar nail enamel #450 that I bumped into a few days ago during my random window shopping encounters. Check it out, it is the only polish I want to do my nails with now. Even so, I did not want to give you something too similar to last week, therefore, I had to restrain myself from doing that!

This is when I came up with the idea of doing different shades of blue and using my new favourite polish on my favourite fingers, my ring fingers. I really don’t know why it is my favouriteJ. Anyway, after doing my nails, I had a feeling that the outcome was somewhat plain and so I sauced it up a bit by adding a streak of gold at the tips to bring out a French manicure appearance. Without saying too much have a look the numbers of the variety of blue shades I used.

  • Luron base coat
  • Luron neon 308
  • Flormar nail enamel 450
  • Flormar super neon colours NO15
  • Flormar nail enamel 431
  • Luron classic 88
  • Luron classic 90 (golden shade)
  • Luron colourless top coat

Golden-Shades-Of-Blue-3 Golden-Shades-Of-Blue-2 Golden-Shades-Of-Blue-1 Golden-Shades-Of-Blue-4

This is a very simple design for you to try over the weekends or even during the week when you have just a little time to spare. To highlight the French design, I used the side stroke from one end of the nail to the other bit by bit, trying to make it as straight as possible till the stripe was complete. Feel free to try it out in other different shades of colours apart from blue and take photos and show them off in social media!

Thank you all for reading… till next time, ba-bye xoxo