Hey, I hope you are having a blast with your week so far :-)
Today’s nail art design is quite an interesting one, I have been seeing it time and again in my random hunts for fresh designs. When I took a keener interest to it, apart from learning its name, ’The Half-moon nail art’ I realised that it also comes with such a rich history accompanied by an astounding controversy. Back in the day, manicuring or rather painting the whole of your nail was considered indecent so ladies took to this Half-moon design to stay within the then ‘ethical’ standards. Really unbelievable indeed!!

Anyway this is a retro, vintage look that is really pretty and has been cycling in and out of fashion since the early periods of the 19th Century! It is somewhat easy to do but you definitely need to have a little patience to get it done :-).

So today I used the following;

  • Luron base coat
  • Luron tips and toes- 07 (red)
  • Luron tips and toes-30 (silver)
  • Luron top coat

Here is how I did it:

  • I used an Elastoplast with a curved edge so as to come up with the half-moon design
  • I taped the back end of my nails with the rounded edge of the Elastoplast after applying the base coat and the silver which were completely dry before I went for the Elastoplast.
  • You have to ensure that the polish you apply on top is darker or rather brighter than the one below for the ultimate effect and lustre of the half-moon design.
  • Remove the Elastoplast immediately after you finish applying the second colour you choose, in this case I took them off after application of the red. Ensure that you remove the Elastoplast while the polish is still wet for the best results, if not the outcome will have some flaws.

Half - moon NailArtHalf-moon Nail ArtHalf-Moon Nail ArtHalf-moon Nail art


Note: If you do not get your hands on the rounded edge Elastoplast, you can use a stencil of a similar shape to cut out the patterns for each nail on some masking tape. This will definitely take you a lot more time which is still worth it in my opinion :-)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the great support you have shown so far, as we officially hit the one month mark tomorrow in our special journey (since the launching of the blog), feel free to share, like, also to leave a comment below. In addition, any new ideas you would like to see me try will be highly appreciated.

… enjoy the post and have fun trying the design out. Have a superb day..XOXO.