As I type the words for this post, the final post for this year (2015)…as my explicable thoughts keep trickling down, I can’t help but feel humbled, jubilant and overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support from all ye who read my posts or just peruse through the photos… you keep me going and I thank you for that! I will strive to always keep you interested in the contents of my posts…
You are treasured..,
You are cherished..,
You are loved…
* * * * *

Sheer sweater

Today’s outfit is a casual and fun ensemble made up of pieces that are deemed to be wardrobe staples. They are quite easy to put together and the end result is one worth a second look! I went for a sheer sweater top, which I layered underneath with a tank top so that I wouldn’t feel somewhat overexposed.

Denim and sheer top
Well, the denim is among the most versatile pieces which can literally go with anything. Here, it seamlessly complemented the sheer top adding to the casual yet tasteful feel of the ensemble.
Sheer and denimI went all gold with the accessories, a chunky statement neckpiece and some golden earrings. They made the look stand out even more and they further accentuated the attractive ambiance of the combination.

Shear sweater top and neckpiece

I completed the look with some peep toe golden heeled ankle booties which elegantly brought out the colour palette of the ensemble. This is a very simple and chic guise that can go well with your holiday shenanigans.

Golden heeled Peep toe ankle booties
As this wonderful year fades down like the flame of a consumed candle, all I can do is smile… once again, I am immensely thankful for all your support… keep the outfit orders coming, give me a chance to brighten your day with needle and yarn. Keep inspiring my inner seamstress!

Sheer sweater and denim jeans

Let us celebrate this ending for it precedes a new beginning… As we turn our backs to 2015 to usher in 2016, remember;

‘‘Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ankle booties and denim jeans
See you in 2016 beautiful people! xx

Denim jeans and sheer sweater

Outfit Details
Sheer sweater top >> Thrift (Toi Market)
Denim Jeans >> Jamia Mall
Accessories >> Dubois road
Shoes >> Backyard
Shots Taken By >> @Shaka_Guru