Easy Animal Print Pedicure

Hi, thank you for taking your time to visit my journal, today, I am going to show you very simple steps on how to give yourself an absolutely simple yet lovely animal print pedicure. I hope you will find delight in the post.

I used all Luron nail polish: Pink (no 109), White & Black…Basecoat & Topcoat

Make sure that your nails are sparkling clean, before you begin. In case you have any traces of previous pedicure, use your polish remover generously to do away with all of it.

  • Apply the base coat first to create a protection layer on your nails before actually beginning to apply the nail polish. Give it a short while to dry in open air.
  • After reasonable drying of the base coat, take the first colour and apply your first coat. I used pink (no. 109) because I felt it would pop out more on the background to give the pedicure a nice and flashy look. Give it a short while again and apply the second coat of the first colour to make it even throughout the surface of the nail. Again, let it settle nicely on your nails before you continue.
  • Next, used a bobby pin to make dots on the surface of your nails using your second colour after the second coat. Here, I used white because I felt it will complement the pink pleasantly. Make sure you distribute the dots evenly on the nail and give them ample space away from each other. The space should not be too much, just enough for sufficient application of polish in the next step. Also, don’t use very little polish when you are making the dots or else you they will end up having depressions at the centre. Too much is also not good, it will take too long to dry and you do not want that!
  • Now this is the trickiest part; after a short drying break, take your final colour and make bracket shaped patterns around the dots using a toothpick or the eye end of a small needle. Here I used black so that it could contrast with the white to make it more eye-catching. Again, you should also use just the right amount of polish to prevent depressions for very little application and smudges for too much application.



On the dotting and bracket steps, pour a slightly large drop of polish on a small plate or a smooth paper for easy dipping with the bobby pin, toothpick or the needle.
  • After you finish with the brackets part, wait for about half an hour before you finally apply the top coat to make it sparkle.

Your animal print pedicure is now ready and you can show it off to your pals on social media!

Feel free to add any comments or hit me up with questions I you have any…Thanks!. Bye for now J