Hello gentlemen :-) :-)

It has been too long since I last posted something about you! I hope you will find this read and interesting and equally helpful. Sometimes men tend to ignore the impact of the shape of their bodies on how well they will look when they dress themselves. Well today, you will find a few crucial tips which when adhered to will enable you to bring out a proportionate and exceptionally well balanced look whenever you dress.

There are a wide range of masculine body types out there which may possibly take too much time defining and listing. Instead, let me go straight to the important stuff with an outline based on the most basic upper and lower body structures.

1. Slim Shoulders

If you have slim shoulders, you should introduce some bulk and width to your upper body section. One of the finest ways of doing this is by donning clothes with some extra padding in a jacket or blazer for instance. English spread collars tend to broaden the slim shoulders quite exceptionally. Another sure-fire way of complementing your slim shoulders is with the use of stripes. However, it is also rather easy to overdo the stripes or the padding on the jackets and this will not do you any favours. You have to work out your shoulder to waist ratio to pull it off! Essentially this means that the end result needs to bring out your shoulders more than your waist. You can do that with the examples below which give a perfect placement to add to the illusion.

How to dress slim shoulders

2. Short Torso

Here you should aim at drawing eyes of onlookers downwards. Vertical stripes and sport coats which are slightly longer will do the trick. Trousers that have a lower rise will also add some inches to your upper body from the top to bottom. In addition, go for darker colours of pants to draw attention from your torso and avoid tucking in whatever you have on top unless it’s a strictly formal look, where you will have to have a blazer on.

How to dress a short torso - men

3. Long Torso

In this case, you should opt for trousers and jeans that have a higher rise. Put an end to the cuffs on your pants and go for blazers and jackets that barely brush below your waistline will give an impression of elongating your lower half. Look for coats that have oversize patch pockets and widened upper body shrinking collars.

How to dress a long torso - men

4. Bulky Waistline

A wide waistline can be balanced out by putting on clothes that broaden your shoulders. Master this math by going for a single button closure in blazers and jackets for instance and they should also have crowning collars. The fabric of choice here should a firm such as velvet to enable the leaning out of your lines. Widening the upper half of your body will bring out a robustly structured silhouette through your midriff region, exuding apt proportion.

Dressing for a man with a bulky waistlineMen come in all shapes and sizes, for every single man, there are a variety of styles and fabrics that best befit their distinct body types. I trust that this breakdown has armed you with well-honed dressing intuition that will enable you to easily achieve a well-balanced appearance after discerning your particular body structure. Remember, everything is relative in the proportionality of the golden upper body to lower body ratio. Above all, choose clothes that properly fit, they should neither be too tight nor too baggy, just the right amount of snug!

In the next post, we will take a look of how to dress for the tall, short, slim and heavy man!

Thanks a lot for reading, till next time, bye! :-) :-)