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When stepping out most of us ladies love to wear perfume, the scent always rejuvenates our confidence and spirit. When you apply your fragrance in the morning your aim is for it to last the whole day. However, the perfumes may let you down because the scent may have faded off by noon. This is very disappointing, especially if you had taken so much time to choose the perfect fragrance. At this point you may decide to apply more and more in the morning or even carry the whole bottle to your daily activities to keep spraying. This should not be a problem anymore as I have a few tips to share with you of how you can make your perfume last longer.

When to apply perfume.

It is best to apply your perfume after you have taken a shower. When you shower, your pores open up so when you apply your perfume at this point, it will penetrate into your skin therefore making it to last longer. Also ensure that when you are applying your perfume your body is moisturised as this will help the perfume to soak. If you apply it on dry skin then most of it if not all will evaporate as perfumes contain alcohol.

How To make the Scent of Your Fragrance Last Longer-Lady Million

Where to apply perfume.

As I said here, applying your perfume at your pulse points plays a key role on how long it will linger. These pulse points include your inner wrists, behind your knees, inner part of the elbow, neck, jawline instead of behind your ears and also between your ‘tatas’ and on the midriff sectionJ . These pulse point areas have thinner skin and the blood vessels are closer to the skin thus they produce heat which then makes the scent to spread. Also your can spray some perfume on your hair brush then comb your hair, you will have good smelling hair and it will also last longer.

How To make the Scent of Your Fragrance Last Longer-Pulse Points


This done by using products that have almost the same fragrance. Also you can find in stores a package consisting of a shower gel, shampoo, body mist, lotion and also perfume of the same brand. Otherwise, you can just use a shower gel and body lotion of almost the same fragrance then have your perfume.

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Choose perfumes wisely.

As I said here, base notes last the longest of all notes. So you want to choose a perfume that has a strong base notes like vanilla and musk that have oils that last longer unlike citrus based fragrances. One perfume that I have tried lingers all day long is ‘Be Delicious’ by DKNY. I do not have to try so hard for it to be as strong by evening but it does with just little application.

How To make the Scent of Your Fragrance Last Longer-Be Delicious by DKNY

How to apply perfume.

Applying your perfume before having either your jewelry or clothes on is best. Some perfumes may stain your clothes or react with your jewelry. As you spray yourself, do not put the spraying nozzle so close to your skin, have it like six inches away from your body or spray it in the air near your then step into that fragrant cloud you have created and spin around that area :-)

Enhancers of perfumes.

Another way that you can help your perfume last longer is by applying some petroleum jelly or even olive oil to your pulse points then apply your perfume. These little amounts of enhancers will enable your perfume to last longer all day long.

How To make the Scent of Your Fragrance Last Longer-Enhancers

Inducers of perfumes.

This just a little trick that I find convenient if I do not want to keep re-applying the perfume during the day or I am not able to carry the whole bottle in my bag. I dab some perfume on to my handkerchief then during the day if I feel like my perfume is fading off I just pat/rub my skin with the handkerchief. Another way is by applying some perfume on to cotton balls the putting the cotton balls underneath your bra at the sides :-)

How To make the Scent of Your Fragrance Last Longer-Handkerchief

Storage of perfumes.

Storing your perfume at room temperature will make it last longer. When the perfume is exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, the composition of your fragrance is altered and thus the scent doesn’t remain the same or last as long as you want it to. Leaving it in the box it came with is also a good idea. In addition ensure that the area does not have humid air as the humid air can infiltrate the bottle and alter the scent.

How To make the Scent of Your Fragrance Last Longer-Storage

There you have it. You actually do not have to use all this tricks to have your perfume linger all day, you can just choose that work best and are easiest for you. If you have any more tips and tricks feel free to share.

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