Hello beautiful people :-) :-)

I hope you have all been well. Lately, the weather has been quite cold and this calls for a little change of your beauty routines. One of the main changes you should make is how you take care for your hair. During the cold weather, hair goes dry, weak and brittle. So today, I would like to share with you some tips on how to care for your hair during this cold season.

1 – Protective Hair Styles.

First, the easiest thing to do is to try hairdos like braids, cornrows, buns and other types of hair tucking styles that will prevent your ends from splitting. This styles are also very easy to maintain as they do not require any styling tools or cosmetic products to maintain them. These styles reduce the amount of times you comb your hair and also prevents you from relentlessly running your fingers through your hair. This reduces the chances of shedding as well as the annoying split ends. With these protective styles you can be as creative as you want so that the style suits your personality and you can even add beads, or any other suiting accessories to make the style prettier. :-)

2 – Use Less Heat.

During this cold weather, most of us tend to keep the rooms well heated up so that we can keep warm. Unfortunately, we end up harming our hair in the process. This heat ends up to sucking out the moisture in our hairs therefore making it dry. In addition, using the blow driers, tongs, flat irons and other tools that use heat to style hair also end up increasing the loss of moisture from your hair. You should minimize the use of these heat styling tools in the cold season as much as possible. Instead of using them frequently, let your hair dry naturally and try using natural setting methods such as straw sets to get your curls. If you must use heat, apply protective lotion before using the heat appliances. Furthermore, when you are setting your hair ensure it is wet when starting and make sure it dries completely as well after you finish.

How to take care of your hair during the cold season-Reduce Heat With Hair tools

3 – Deep Conditioning.

Deep conditioning can be done by either using a dedicated hair treatment for deep conditioning or by adding some natural oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil to your favourite conditioner. After applying this on your hair you can then leave it on for 15-20min then rinse it off. You can also use homemade deep conditioners with natural ingredients like avocado which provides natural oils to your hair. Deep conditioning is a great way to add moisture to your hair which gets dry during the cold weather as most of the heat is absorbed by the heat in the rooms and the warm clothes we wear on the head. Deep conditioning also fights off a wide range of scalp-related problems.

How to take care of your hair during the cold season+Deep-Conditioning

4 – Wash Less Often.

Your hair needs less shampooing and daily washing during the cold weather. Besides, wash and go may not be an appropriate go-to-style in this season because your hair may get too cold and dry leading to breakage. If you have to wash your hair, get up early and wash it so that it can either air dry before you leave the house or blow dry it. If doing this in the morning is a bit difficult, you can then wash your hair the night before and then have Bantu knots through the night. Moreover avoid the wash and go style to prevent yourself from catching a cold  :-)

5 – Hot Oil Treatment.

As I mentioned here, you can use extra virgin olive oil for your hot oil treatment. Put some extra virgin olive oil, or any hair-nutritious natural oil in a bowl and place the bowl on hot water (water bath). Then after the oil becomes warm, apply it directly to your damp hair and put on a plastic hair-cap for around 30min. This will help to heal your hair from the daily wear and tear and comes with a bonus of giving it an extra shine

 How to take care of your hair during the cold season-Hot-Oil-treatment

6 – Satin.

Lastly you should make satin/silk your hair’s best friend. Before you cover your head with any scarf or wear a hat, ensure it has a silk lining to protect your hair from breakage. The rough material from woollen fabrics may enhance electrostatic energy and may possibly make your hair entangle leading to hair breakage. Additionally, you should sleep on a satin/silk pillow case to minimise hair breakage from the cotton pillow case which absorbs moisture from your hair consequently making it dry and weak.

How to take care of your hair during the cold season-Satin-Hats-and-Pillows

Keep warm and stay safe…Till next time… cheers :-) :-)