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I hope that you are all doing well and you have had a superb week. Today’s post is a follow up of last week’s post >> ‘selection of the perfect fragrance’ . It was majorly for the ladies but some of the details there are also helpful for the gents i.e. the notes and types of fragrances. Well today gentlemen, I am glad to share something particularly for you. The tit-bits on today’s post will help you men with information on how to determine your most suitable scent. :-)

Mens Fragrance Selection 1

Classes Of Masculine Fragrances

Generally the fragrance families for men are almost entirely identical to those of the ladies. They are different but they share some common traits. The main perfume families for men are:


This family’s name is a French translation of the word fern. From the family name, it could be easily assumed that the fragrances in this family have a scent of fern. However, that is actually not the case, this family derived its name from a currently discontinued perfume known as Fougére Royale (the Royal Fern) by Houbigant. It was essentially the first ever perfume in this family. Scents in this family are among the most popular fragrances for men. The Fougére (pronunciation: ‘foo-jer’) fragrances are mainly composed of Oakmoss and Lavender.

Mens Fragrance Selection-FougereE.g. Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, Red Power by Ferrari, Cool Water by Davidoff,


Usually, the perfumes here are composed of sweet, spicy and warm scents. They draw their richness from the major ingredients include Tonka bean, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and sometimes sandalwood which enhance their unique character blend of warmth, sensuality and originality.

Mens Fragrance Selection 1.2 OrientalE.g. Egoiste by Chanel, Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein, Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss


This is among the oldest fragrance category. Fragrances in this family are characterized by their exquisite freshness and soothing lightness. The main notes here are orange, grapefruit, bergamot and lemons. The masculinity in this family is brought about by a dominant presence of spicy and aromatic notes. The end result of the combination is a fresh, zesty and invigorating fragrance.

Mens Fragrance Selection-CitrusE.g. D & G Masculine By Dolce and Gabbana, Happy by Clinique


The term Chypre (pronounced ‘sheep-r’) is the French translation for Cyprus where most of the notes that make up this perfume family can be found. This class was actually named after a popular feminine scent in 1917 by Coty known as Chypre. This class contains perfumes with mossy and woody notes. They often encompass Vetiver, Sandalwood,Labdanum Ciste, Oakmoss and Patchouli Bergamont. Sometimes these are termed as the most masculine scents since they are somewhat musky and heavy.

Mens Fragrance Selection-ChypreE.g. 212 Men by Carolina Herrera, Givenchy Gentleman, Guilty Pour Homme by Gucci,

Some other popular fragrance groups for men are:


In the past, the floral scents were considered to be very masculine but this notion gradually faded off. Presently, the popularity of this family with men has reduced.. However, there are a few wonderful masculine picks.

Mens Fragrance Selection-FloralE.g. Insensé by Givenchy and Agua Lavanda by Puig


This family is quite new and it contains fragrances that conjure a pacific feeling of the sea. They contain an active ingredient known as calone which brings about this distinctive scent. These fragrances are exceptionally refreshing with a calming effect and they are sometimes harmonized with sweet-smelling woody accords.

Mens Fragrance Selection-MarineE.g. L’Eau D’Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake, Kenzo Pour Homme, Dune By Christian Dior.

Choosing your perfect fragrance as seen, is not as easy as one may have thought as I previously indicated. However, the key is to choose the fragrance that best fits your personality and lifestyle. These major families also have other sub-categories within then thus in your selection, you also need to be quite patient.


Here are a few guidelines gentlemen that may enable you to get that signature perfume that maybe your game changer just in case you are not a perfume person :-)

  • The first step to this is to know your fragrance family. You need to find which scents smell best to you.
  • Know the types of fragrances in order to calculate your budget
  • Never commit to a scent without feeling the scent of the final note (for further details on scent notes, check here)
  • Choose a scent which associates with a memory that you cherish
  • Take your lifestyle into consideration
  • Choose a fragrance that complements your personality e.g. if you are sporty scents in the citrus family could suit you
  • Acquire scents of different families so that you can witch your signature fragrances according to mood, occasion or season
  • Make a selection depending on your hobbies and interests, e.g. if you are a beachgoer Marine scents could be perfect for you.
  • Always get a second opinion from experts and trusted individuals.

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