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I hope you are all doing fine, in this New Year and have already started working towards the achievement of your new year resolutions. Today I would like to share with you some of the must have items in a man’s closet. This being a new year, most of you guys have thought of adding a few more pieces to your wardrobes. Irrespective of your lifestyle, occupation, or age, there are a quite a number of things that your wardrobe needs to have.

  • Classic formal suit.

Every man should own a well-fitting sharply tailored suit, it does not matter whether or not you work in a business or attend meetings. Even if you will only need it a few times in the year you will be glad to have it when those occasions arise. Just in case you do not have one and you don’t know what to look for, you can go for a black, grey or navy blue suit. Look for a single-breasted suit with 2 buttons.Mens Wardrobe Essentials 2

  • White button down shirt and dress pants.

With these two you can very easily achieve a semi-formal and smart casual look which can be worn to the office or a non-black-tie event. The white shirt, is quite versatile, even when it is worn as a casual shirt, it will still exude some sort of professional air. Button down shirts and dress pants look good on literally all guys. The main merit of the colour white for this particular type of shirt is that it can match with any other colours that you may ensemble into the rest of your outfit. Dress pants tend to be the staple combo of the button down shirt but you can still get bold with it and pair it up with a variety of other pants and you will still retain a sharp presence.Mens Wardrobe Essentials 1

  • Dark jeans.

This is another very crucial and staple in every man’s wardrobe. It is rather difficult get things wrong with this piece. Dark jeans can even be worn to work during the dress down Friday’s. They are easy to maintain and really don’t require to be washed after every wearing. They can be substituted for khaki or chino pants.Mens Wardrobe Essentials

  • Polo shirt/T-shirt.

These are a must have to wear with your casual pants and jeans. They can be worn when going out with your friends or just for a relaxed weekend look. The fabric should be very high quality and the shirt should be fitting to complement your body frame. Solid colours are best as they will practically go with everything.Mens Wardrobe Essentials 3

  • Leather jacket/trench coat.

Everyone needs something warm and cosy for the cold season, huh? :-) Well, leather Jackets could be a tad edgy yet so stylish, purchase one that is streamlined to your body, or else, it will end up looking bulky. Trench coats also need to be fitting, both the waist length and below the waist types and are incredible in maintaining a pulled together look. A leather jacket or a trench coat are timeless pieces that superbly finish your outfit and will definitely flatter your look whether dressed up or dressed down.Mens Wardrobe Essentials 4    Mens Wardrobe Essentials 5


  • Dress shoes with matching belt.

There is no point in getting all these if you have no nice shoes and a belt to go with. The shoes and the belt should match to retain a thoroughly accomplished sense of style. So get a nice pair of shoes probably black or a neutral colour like brown that will give you the most wear and a matching belt with simple hardware and not flashy.Mens Wardrobe Essentials 6

  • Watch and Sunglasses.

For the sunglasses, or rather shades, go for a classic style such as the Aviators/Pilots since they are very dynamic. For the watch, invest in an exceptional piece that fits your wrist well, preferably designer. The right pair of sunglasses and a watch will inject some freshness and class into your outfit bringing out some sophistication.Mens Wardrobe Essentials 7 Mens Wardrobe Essentials 8

Where & When To Buy

The best way to buy these items is when they are on sale, during season’s end sales like during the month of January are best. I did a little research on where you can get most of this stuff at affordable prices, although you can get all within the Narobi CBD:

Suits >> Garissa
Shoes and Belts >> Bata & House of Leather
Watch >> Jamia mall
Jeans, shirts, coats >> Amal shopping mall 3rd floor Garissa
Trench Coats, Leather Jackets >> Toi Market & Jamia Mall
Sunglasses/Shades >> Mr Price

Styling yourself shouldn’t be a chore but fun!! You may need to spend a little extra on a few of these items, but you will always be prepared for that surprise event. If you follow this basic list of must have items, you will be well on your way to having classic, gold standard style and a fashionable wardrobe, always standing out from the rest.

Note: All Images are courtesy of google search.

Have an awesome and productive Monday gentlemen.

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