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Sometimes, I sit on my bed and give my wardrobe a long stare, every piece I look at conjures up a set of emotions.

Chic Playsuit

On this day, this cute little chump of a playsuit hanged on the rack and I could not get my eyes off it. Moments later, I felt like I had an epiphany once I tried it out with these reddish babies, admiring myself at the mirror with a sassy grin. This look got me quite excited because it somehow artistically blended two sets of style epochs; fringe from way back, as far as the Mesopotamian times and the playsuit, quite popular in mid-to-late 20th Century. And I thought… what a way to soak up the benevolence of a sunny weather? Well, right on!

Trendy Playsuit

The print of this playsuit is what stole my heart the first time I saw it, the pretty micro-black-and-white checkers just took me away and I had to have it! I love this playsuit more because of its flawless fit, it isn’t too tight and doesn’t overwhelm my body as well… giving me a feel of effortless comfort. What’s more, the extra lining on the collar coupled by the faux pocket-square up-lifts its tasteful essence simultaneously giving it a surge of elegant uniqueness.

Cute Playsuit

I also love the appealing structure it gives my shoulders, which adds an aura of confidence to the look. Even though this playsuit could easily stand alone to make a remarkable statement piece, I threw in a couple of accessories to give it an unexpected boost of personality; a simple bracelet, some midi-rings and of course a pair of earrings .

Awesome Playsuit

The fringed shoes perfected the look in a dramatic contrast and they made me look taller cancelling out the illusion of shortness that a playsuit could easily bring. Every step I take in these shoes sparks up my inner bouncy spirit which dances synonymously with the sways of the fringe accents.

Fringe Shoes

I threw in the bag which also went well with the entire look and it comes in handy if you have some travel size beauty artillery. If you are a fan of short skirts, then I must say, a playsuit will be a superb addition to your wardrobe. It is quite versatile and there are lots of different ways you could pair it up for a wide range of occasions.

Elagant Playsuit

Because of the structure and print of this playsuit, it is a terrific bet for daytime activities, which could also be going to the office. For an alluring evening playsuit look (if you are looking to have a unique take on Valentine’s day) or something trendier for occasions like weddings, take a look at The Emerald Playsuit post.

Stylish Playsuit

As always, thank you for spending a minute or two of your time here.
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Outfit Details

Playsuit >> Thrift
Shoes >> Backyard Shoes
Accessories >> Mr Price
Bag >> Thrift
Shots Taken By >> Willy Muturi Photography