Have you ever looked at your mirror on the wall and thought, I look good but my mirror is kinda dull and boring? Does your room have great colour combination which the mirror doesn’t match? Are you looking for a little extra artistic reflection of the inner you? Do you want to have some extra aesthetic value in your room? Most of the decent quality pocket friendly mirrors out there tend to be dull and boring since they have nothing but a plain brown wooden frame. It could be the perfect size, shape and thickness but the frame doesn’t really do you justice in terms of appearance. Here is how you can transform your mirror all according to your specifications with very easily obtainable material. Also old or damaged accessories that you thought were of no use and almost threw away will come in handy in your mirror makeover. What you should have :

  • Acrylic paints/colours
  • Old, damaged/broken accessories
  • Super glue & office glue
  • Brush preferably no 8
  • Masking tape
  • Stickers/ old temporary tattoo stickers
  • Paper cutter


Step 1: Taping

i.            Tape the inner edges of the mirror with masking tape all around the frame profile.

Step 2: Painting

ii.            Pick any acrylic colour of your choice and paint the frame profile. Make sure the intensity of colour application is even throughout the frame to avoid a mismatch of the depth of the colour. For me, I chose red and black so that it would match with my dressing table floor mat and again I have a thing for red and black. I painted the top section of the frame black and the remainder all red. Be sure to use the colours you love most. You can also make alternating patterns on the frame by using the masking tape to cover the areas you do not want the paint to get to. After application of paint, give it a short while to dry.

Step 3: Accessorising

iii.            Take any of your old or broken accessories such as necklaces and bracelets and stick them on any position on the mirror frame that you would like. Here, I used one of my old necklaces that I had kept for a long time after it broke. I loved it too much to throw it away! I used glue to stick it to the upper section of the frame that I painted black to make the section more radiant. I then used the nail art patterns that I have also been having for a long time and carefully stuck them on the lower section of the frame to have a balance of accessories

iv.            The last step is sticking the paper stickers or temporary tattoo stickers at any position of your choice on the mirror. Here, I used a temporary tattoo sticker that I had not used yet. I stuck it on the top right corner and my new mirror was ready! Make sure you leave a little space on both sides of the frame where you stick it. It may not look as good if it gets too close to the frame.

NOTE: you can create your own stickers by using some pretty magazine cut-outs You can get as creative as possible with your mirror transformations to come up with very amazing and unique designs.

Thanks for reading, you can send me snapshots of your reinvented mirror creations or share them on facebook & instagram PS; don’t forget to tag me! 😉

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