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Towards the end of last year, I bought myself a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) as I wanted to attest to some of its benefits. 3 months down the line I am amazed by the results. It is rich in minerals, natural fatty acids and also vitamins E and A. Below are some of the benefits of this “jack of all trades”;

Beauty Remedies of Olive Oil 4

  •  Olive Oil on your  Skin.

This is a great moisturiser as it locks in the water preventing it from evaporating. Using a mixture of equal amounts of olive oil, vinegar and water as a night cream will give your skin a glow in the morning. One of its active ingredients Vitamin E which helps to repair and replenish dry, worn-out and damaged skin and also helps to tone your skin.

balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing

  • Olive Oil on Your Face and Lips

For the face you can mix it with salt as explained in salty beauty secrets as both an exfoliate and also as a treatment of acne. I also like to use it as a makeup remover. I dab some olive oil onto a cotton ball then pat my face with it and let it sit for a few minutes then I wipe it off with the cotton balls. I then finish by using my normal cleanser. Sometime it also comes in handy in the relief of sunburns. Making a mask of one egg yolk with a tablespoon of EVOO then leave it on your face for around 5 minutes will soften and nourish your skin leaving it with a wonderful glow.

Beauty Remedies of Olive Oil 8
In addition, to prevent dry lips slick a bit of olive oil onto your lips before getting out to extreme cold or hot conditions to prevent them from flaking. If your lips are already dry, add a small amount of sugar to the olive oil to come up with some lip scrub, put it on a tooth brush and buff gently.

Beauty Remedies of Olive Oil 9

  • Olive Oil on your Hands and Nails and Feet

If you have brittle nails, soaking them in a mixture of EVOO and water once or twice a week will strengthen your nails, soften them and also moisturises your cuticles and prevent hang nails. This will also help to soften your hands. Applying some amount onto your hands a couple of times through the day paying attention to around your nails may lead you to having very soft hands.

Beauty Remedies of Olive Oil 1.1Just before going to bed, massage your feet with the oil and then wear socks as you sleep. This helps to soften your feet and also prevent them from cracking. Soaking your feet in a mixture of water and olive oil also helps to soften your feet and keep them moisturized.

  • Olive Oil on your Hair.

I began using it as a hair and scalp regimen and honestly speaking, not until when I am preparing this post have I realised that my dandruff and itchy scalp problem is long gone. I also use it for deep conditioning and pre-shampooing my hair. Pre-shampooing is done by putting some olive oil in a bowl and then placing the bowl in a hot water bath for it to warm. Then apply the warm oil onto your scalp and gently massage it for some few minutes then shampoo your hair. This warm oil treatment can also be used if you have locks but let it sit for 1hr then shampoo and condition. Deep conditioning is done by putting some amount of olive oil in a bowl with equal amounts of water and use the mixture to massage your scalp for about 10 minutes after the first shampooing then rinse off with shampoo once again.

Beauty Remedies of Olive Oil 1.2

  • Olive Oil during your Bath time.

You can also spa up your bath with olive oil. You can apply it on your body after soaping and rinsing the soap then you continue to enjoying your shower after which you should pat your skin dry and wipe away the excess oil. Also you can add a few drops into your bathing water or create a paste of an all over body scrub by mixing it with either salt or sugar.

Beauty Remedies of Olive Oil 2.1

These are just some of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil and by using it frequently in your beauty routine your skin will improve drastically. However, it should not be used on a daily basis but around 2-3 times a week especially if you have oily skin since it is too heavy it may cause pimples and blackheads. So far EVOO is my favourite natural skin care product and if you know any other benefits feel free to share them below in the comments section.

As you try out this beauty hacks, you need to prepare for the onslaught of compliments about your super soft skin, shiny hair and strong and healthy nails :-) :-)

Till next time, have a good one… <3 <3 XX