Skater Dress + Boots

Hey loves :-) :-) My greatest wish is that you are all doing great so far this week.

As you all know, holidays are not only great opportunities for gatherings and get-togethers but also the best chances many of us could get for road trips, escapades, adventures, camps, hikes, etc. That being the case, today I will share with you one casual yet chic ensemble that could easily be ideal for such events.


During vacations, comfort is always among the key concerns and the skater dress will give you exactly that. This dress is a perfect way of looking casual, and still maintain a stylish look. I have to say one incredible merit of this look is that it eliminates the need of thinking about what to pair it up with as you would with a pair of pants, shorts or a skirt. Its simplicity is its ultimate complexity.



Again, since our eventual goal is a combination of cosiness and stylishness, flat soled boots are the finest choice here. Apart from adding a sort of edge to the look, boots are exceptionally suitable if your escapade will involve nature walks where you could encounter pebbly/gravelly, dusty and grassland-like environs, for instance in game reserves and parks.


In this kind of events, a lot of fun and jumpy activities go on, you can put on some cute boy shorts or some short biker shorts underneath your pretty skater dress and you will not have to worry about restricting your movements as a result of its length :-)


When a few accessories are added to the attire, they will give it a little bit of pop and energy. A long chain, some earrings and a bangle will be enough to get you going! :-)


I hope you now have an added holiday outfit for that busy day of fun activities. Keep enjoying your festive season and do not forget to share with the needy and less fortunate. :-)


Keep having awesome time in this festive season! xx

Outfit Details

Dress : Maxine’s Collection

Boots : Adam’s Market

Accessories : CBD >> Dubois Road

Shots Taken By: Shaka­­_Guru