Hi, I’m so excited that you are checking out my blog. I am Jackie Njeru, full of life and passionate about all things beauty. I am a Civil Engineering undergrad with lots to share about my personal style and real time fashion trends all around the globe. My pals tell me it’s rather ironical to be a fashion and style enthusiast with my career choice but really, Civil Engineering is also about design and artistry but of a different hue.


I love how someone’s look irrespective of how simple it is, could tell you a lot more about themselves, their personality and the message that is trying to be put across if any. That is precisely why I am inspired by style and fashion. In my opinion, personal style is more of an art, or rather a form of unique visual poetry, expressed with no words. A form of poetry conveyed with just fabric, its wide range of textures and its amazing variety of colors, not forgetting the aesthetic additions of accessories.
The name Tragedienne is one among several nick-names I have been given in my lifetime so far. What makes it most special is because it has a sentimental value. That is all I can say about it. And because this blog is very special to me, I gave it the name trendytragedienne.com

This blog, trendytragedienne.com is dedicated to all the lovers of fashion and attire trends out there. There will be plenty of tips that you will get here that I hope will be of great help to you in enhancing of your style and inner creativity. My main aim for this blog is to share my own personal style as well as all beauty information I can get to eventually motivate you to come up with something unique that can put a broad smile on your face.

Occasionally, you will also get a sneak peek of the hot fashion trends from elite entertainment personalities: celebrities, socialites, artistes, actors/actresses and many more, from whom I every so often channel my inspiration and motivation.

filmstrip4Chambray-featured-Image2-1140x641_editedFringe + Minimal accesories

Moreover, you will find a couple of DIY projects here of a variety of niche that I have found very intriguing and helpful as well. In fact, if you give them a try, they could also come in handy in making your day to day life simpler and brighter.

Thank you for keeping up with this chronicle of innovative posts of my personal wardrobe and beauty ideas. I am thrilled to inspire you and give you an exclusive fashion perspective. I hope you will enjoy every single entry of my style diary and hopefully, we will get in touch as often as possible. LOL (Lots Of Love) :-)  :-*