Hello beautiful people :-) :-)

It’s been a while but I am finally back! :-)

Today’s outfit is quite a simple skater piece that comes with its own uniquely wonderful chic side. It’s simplicity is brought about by the fact that it only has a single colour with a somewhat modest design and from a distance, its fabric gives an illusion of plainness.

pink skaterHowever, with a closer look, the print of the dress is quite impressive, I feel that the carnation pink colour with its elusive undertones on the textile structure make the print stand out even more, making this number lovelier… and the chic factor pops out! :-)

Pink dress pink shoes

The overly high neck makes the dress everyday appropriate, and the long sleeves are a definite plus for me because I do not have to add anything on top to layer it up in case it gets a bit chilly. The skater dress as I have always insisted is timeless classic which is quite flattering to the body. This type of dress can be donned as a formal piece to the office for instance, depending on where you work and can still give you a stunningly elegant look to less formal events.

pink dressWhen it came to accessorising, I tried out something different this time, I used a brooch instead of the usual statement neckpiece. The brooch is something which was actually meant to be attached to a garment in order to hold it together but this changed with the evolution of fashion in the early forties which gave it a new definition….it was transformed into a piece of glamour! :-)

lovely pink dress

I loved putting this brooch to the ensemble for I felt it added to the vintage charm of the dress, uniquely jazzing up the mood of the look. One vital point to note about the brooch is that it should neither be too high up your shoulder nor too low beneath the tatas!


I then matched simple stud earrings and hair pins with the brooch which worked nicely with the rest of the outfit…sometimes less is more!

brooch and pink shoesFor shoes I decided to go for these ankle booties, which complimented the whole look by adding a pop of colour. I love the richness of their pink which makes me keep thinking of the alluring shade of the Persian rose! :-) I also feel that it brought some playfulness to the look especially because of the bright shade made it more relaxed and fun.

pink shoes and dressThe skater dress is a must have wardrobe piece since its shape is universally flattering. It basically gives the illusion of an hour glass figure since it has a snug waist and rather puffy lower section. Also, when it comes to accessorizing keep getting out of your comfort zone and try out some interesting styles like the brooch for instance, you will without doubt stand out in style! :pink xoxo

A big hug to all of you! :-) Thank you for reading, till next time ba-bye  :-) ?

Outfit Details

Dress >>Thrift

Shoes >> Ngara

Accessories >> Dubois Road

Shots taken by >> @Shaka_Guru