Hello guys…due to public demand I have decided to launch this new category that is a style guide for men which I hope will inspire you to impressive dressing.

This being the first post of the category, I would like to tackle the most common style, the smart casual style which can be adopted by men across all ages. Many a times, this look is confused by a lot of people since they do not really know exactly what to wear especially if you have been invited to a smart casual dress code event. Nevertheless, this look also referred to as the business casual is somewhat a hybrid between street dressing and the formal dressing. What is required of this look is a harmony between formal and informal. Here are a few tips on how you can pull it off:

Blazers & Sweaters

Putting on a blazer is a very simple means of giving an outfit a sense of sophistication. Depending on the weather, you could adopt cotton, linen or wool. When you think about the color, a neutral hue is the best since it is versatile and can adapt and even exquisitely complement any other color combination injected in the rest of your outfit. You can have a variety of blazer patterns depending on what pleases you but make sure it is fitting and well-tailored. A patched pocket blazer, which is a staple Italian casual look is a divine choice here.

casual look   casual look casual look-patched blazer


On the other hand, blazers are not the only option, you can put on your regular suit but then, you should replace your blazer with a sweater to give it a much softer appealing look.

casual lookcasual lookcasual look

Shirts & T-shirts

A well ironed shirt with a collar is a great selection. A shirt with just a single color is quite safe but you can explore a variety of options such as the checkered and striped pieces to bring in a bit of personality. Also, polo shirts, v necked shirts and rounded neck shirts could give your look the edge that you are looking for since you do not have to stick to the button-down shits. They are very comfortable and warm as well, which is good for slightly chilly weather.

casual lookcasual look


The moment you put on a tie, it gives your outfit a degree of formality, therefore, to enhance the casual look, do not put on a tie so that you can take off the stiffness of formality.


With pants, chinos and khakis are basically the best choice here. On the other hand a denim jeans could also be great depending on where you are going. In some places, only a dark jeans will be allowed and sometimes jeans may not be allowed at all.

casual lookcasual lookcasual look


Here, you can divert from the regular office leather shoes and go for something less formal. Don’t go for sneakers or even sports shoes, the best shoes to go for loafers or some less formal dress shoes. Oxford shoes and brogues are also a fine choice here.

casual lookcasual lookcasual look


With the casual look, you have a variety of great options but it will depend on the social context which means you have to find out exactly what is allowed in order to make the ultimate selection.

There are a lot more options out there that you should experiment freely. Keep up with the blog to find out what these options are. All the photos are courtesy of Google search, I hope this post will give you as much insight as you need for the casual look with a touch of elegance.

Thank you for stopping by…till the next post, Ba-bye :-)