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Today’s post is about one of the finest yet simplest beauty remedies that I know of: Salt. Easily available, at a more than affordable price than literally anything I know! There are quite a number of ways in which salt can be used to enhance your natural beauty. Sea salt is thought to be better than the regular table salt at this, but to some extent, the difference in their results is not as significant as you may think when you put them in comparison. So, here are just a few ways that salt can be used to boost your natural attractiveness.

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  • Facial Scrub & Fighting Of Breakouts.

With the use very fine salt particles to avoid abrasion on the tender facial skin, you can have an amazing facial scrub. Mix it with some facial oil and massage in circular motions gently. After that you rinse and cleanse your face as usual.

Salt-Beauty-Secrets-6    Salt-Beauty-Secrets


Sometimes when at the salon, some of the hair products may cause breakouts on your forehead when they get close to your face. You can combat this use of salt and water and using cotton balls dipped into the mixture, lightly press on the breakouts before bedtime and by morning the swelling will be gone! In addition, the same mixture can be used in de-puffing of eyes. Dead skin on cracked lips can be worked on with a 2:1 ratio mix of some salt and Vaseline by gently massaging the lips to remove the dead skin and then cleaning them using a damp cloth.

  • Body Detoxification & Debloating.

By combination of some extra virgin olive oil with some salt you can produce a fine body scrub. This reduces the oily build-ups that usually clog up our pores as it also improves the skin’s suppleness making it have a smoother texture. If you have dry skin, this is a good scrub for you as it will remove your dead surface cells without making your skin any drier. Also add about a cup of salt to your tab and soak in for 30min. This will result to a superb detoxification and debloating remedy!

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There is a form of salt therapy procedure, technically known as halotherapy that uses pure sodium chloride in skin deep moisturizing, toxin release and elimination of pre-clogging bacteria therefore remarkably rejuvenating your skin!

  • Mouth Wash.

Using salt as my mouth wash from time to time will not disappoint you. Just dissolve the same amounts of salt and baking soda to a cup of warm water and then I rinse you mouth thoroughly using that. This solution will also help whitening your teeth apart from just keeping your teeth and gums fresh. It will also provide some pain relief in case you have gum irritation and you can even put some amount of salt with toothpaste as you brush my teeth.

  • Hand and Foot Soak.

Just as I mentioned in my previous post here, mixing salt and baking soda to warm water in a basin then dipping your hands will relieve stress and even give healing power after minor cuticle infections from lousy pedicures and manicures. Even better, you only need the soak for just 30 min once or twice a day and soon enough, the infection will be gone!. This will also work on your feet as well by relieving stress may be from long periods of wearing heels or long hours of work. Apart from that this mixture will also help in whitening of your nails!

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