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Choosing a cologne may seem rather simple but on the contrary, it is quite tricky. The fragrance that you select has to precisely depict the essence of who you really are as an individual. In addition, you need to choose a scent that is breath taking, and one which will fascinate anyone who makes contact with you.

Selection Of The Perfect Fragrance-2So, the question is, what should you consider when it comes to selection of the best fragrance or rather perfume? Basically, there are a variety of aspects you should consider when choosing a scent some of which include: your overall personality, your favourite type of smell, you taste in cuisine and sometimes you favourite tunes, TV shows and movies may even come to play.

Before you get to the selection part, there are a few basic facts you need to know about perfumes:

Types Of Fragrance

When you take a look at any fragrance bottle and/or the package, you will notice either of these printed:

Perfume: this contains a ratio of between 15% and 30% of perfume oil and alcohol mixture. As a result of this high composition, it is the most expensive of all.

Eau de Parfum: this has a slightly lower composition of the parfume oil mixed with alcohol and thus a little less expensive.

Eau de Toilette: here the composition of perfume oil that is mixed with alcohol is roughly 4-8 percent. Therefore its price is relatively fair.

Eau de Cologne: this has 3-5 percent of oil in a mix of alcohol and water. Usually, it contains citrus oil and it has the propensity of being lighter with a higher refreshing feel. Since it is the only one that is mixed with water, it is generally the least expensive.

With the above knowledge, you are a step closer to having the precise idea of the fragrance that you select eventually

Notes of Fragrance

Similar to the way a masterpiece painting is made up of an assortment of colour shades, or the way a song is composed of a variety of musical notes, fragrances contain several layers of unique accords that bring about their distinctive harmonious bouquet. These layers of the scent are known as notes and they have their own principal purpose. They are:

Selection of The Perfect Fragrance-Fragrance Pyramid

The Top/Head/Opening Notes

These notes are perceived instantaneously upon application, normally they are lightest and fade fastest due to their light molecular structure. Their main purpose is to seize your attention by impressing you, persuading you and gently easing you into the core of the fragrance itself.

The Middle/Heart Notes

These notes emerge after the top notes have fades off and it make up the bulk of the scent. They are generally very appealing lasts longer than the top note.

Base Notes

These are the notes that arise after both the top and the middle notes have evaporated after about half an hour. They are generally richer, deeper and they back the middle notes to generate the dominant signature tune of the scent. They provide a durable impression and even after the dissipation of the first two notes, they linger on your skin for hours.

Selection of The Perfect Fragrance-Fragrance Pyramid 1.0Up to this point, you are edging closer to knowing how to determine your perfect cologne.

Did you know that there is an official chart for the fragrance families? Now you know!! 😉

Families of Fragrance

There are four basic fragrance families as listed below with respect to their predominant physiognomies:


If you are a lover of the precious scent of blooming flowers such as the roses, lavenders, jasmine carnations and any other sugary florae you can think of, this is your cue. Exceptionally sweet-smelling and effortlessly distinguishable. In fact, this is the most prevalent fragrance family of all feminine scents.

Selection of The Perfect Fragrancee.g. Beyonce Pulse,


These type often contain distinctive natural/green notes for instance the scent of spring in the atmosphere, light citruses, freshly cut grass and crushed leaves. These airy notes best befit individuals with outdoorsy temperaments.

Selection of The Perfect Fragrance 1Joy of Pink, Touch of Spring Lacoste


Spicy families have a tendency of being muskier, and just as the name suggests, a tad spicy with hints, clove, cinnamon and vanilla. They have notes that are generally exotic, rich and bold.

Selection of The Perfect Fragrance 1.0e.g. Guilty Intense by Gucci, Shalimar by Guerlain, Youth Dew by Estee Lauder


Basically, fragrances in this family have moss and aromatic woody notes. For instance, oak, cedar, sandalwood and sometimes pine and patchouli i.e. scents that are musky and earthy.

Selection of The Perfect Fragrance 1.1e.g. Givenchy Play For Her Intense, Body By Burberry, YSL Elle Intense

With all these, I am sure you have the ability to narrow down your ultimate choice when you get to a perfume bar. Special grattitide to La Bouss Scents for reinforcing my inspiration for the post and making it possible. It is located in Juja Town, next to Unitas Sacco, pay them a visit and you will be impressed by the wide range of fragrances they offer. Starting from refillable quantities signature scents to the elite pre-packaged fragrances.

Selection of The Perfect Fragrance 2.1Next time, we will have an in-depth look at the fragrance families and selections for men.


  1. Wear your perfume on pulse points; inner wrist, elbow and thighs, lower neck area and behind your ears.
  2. Shop for perfumes in the afternoon.
  3. Spray little and often.
  4. Don not spray it on your clothes.
  5. Never rub the perfume with your other wrist.
  6. Ensure you are not wearing another perfume on your wrist.
  7. Ask for opinions from honest colleagues, friends and family.
  8. Do not spray perfume on jewellery
  9. Wait until the fragrance has gone through all the notes before you select.

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