Hello beautiful people :-) :-)

I hope you have all been doing great and taking good care of your nails. I did not really have a theme/concept of what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to use these three colours.

Flomar grey >>>417

Flomar red >>>404

Black nail art polish

Sometimes after making a decision on the colours I feel like doing, I try to explore a bit of my inner creativity and a variety of nail art inspirations and in the end I come up with something adorable! :-) and so, I felt it was worth sharing…I hope you enjoy this simple art :-)

As always a base coat and a top coat are a must have,I used Luron base coat and Luron top coat. After preparing my nails for application, I started by applying the first coat of the Luron base coat on each nail. This ensures that in case there were any dents on the nail that were not evened out during filing, they are filled with the base coat therefore making your nail smooth. I then let this dry for about 5min and I went on to apply the next.

For the index on the left hand and ring finger on the right hand I started by applying a single coat of the red polish while for the rest of the fingers I applied the grey polish. After roughly 5min I applied the second coat in the order with which I started in this case the fingers with the red polish.

After watching a 40min series episode:-) , my nails were now ready for the art only that I had still not yet decided what I will do. So after going through some of the pins I have saved on Pinterest I settled on something close to the art as shown. :-) Just some alternating strokes from both edges of my nail profile leaving a little space in between. I then played around with the red polish part and made an outline around it!  :-)

Although it needs so much patience, the outcome is quite fulfilling especially since you did it all by yourself :-). After the art is dry, the final step is to add a coat of your favourite top coat generously so that you do not interfere with the art. DIY nail art can be tough at times but all you need to do is keep practicing; practice makes perfect!

Thank you for reading..

Till next time…Ba-Bye :-) :-)