Midi Cut-Out Bodycon Dress + Red Trench Coat + Black Suede Heels + Roberto Cavalli Handbag:

Wassup loves :-) :-) Today’s look comprises of a midi bodycon dress which brings out a rather bold statement. Donnig it needs some sort of confidence as it clings to the body and this can be somewhat tricky. Midi bodycon dresses have evolved from achieving just a simple style and can be used to realize different kinds of guises depending with what you embellish it with. Snow-Red-1 It is quite a flexible piece as the design allows you to dress it up as day-wear as well as evening wear. It has some elegant simplicity as a result of the immaculate white hue and its cut-out detail takes it to a different level of intricacy. Snow-Red It can be worn to the office when put on with a light blazer during the hot season or with a trench coat during the cold season. I paired it up with a trench coat, which can also be ideal for warmth to those whose days start out in the chill of the crack of dawn. I chose this trench coat also to give the ensemble a pop of colour. Snow-Red-3 Snow-Red-4 Later on in the evening for a dinner for instance, or a night out with your buddies you can take off the trench for a more relaxed look. Snow-Red-7 The midi bodycon dress for me is the perfect way for feeling both elegant and sensual because the nature of the dress exceptionally emphasises your body silhouette 😉 Snow-Red-5 A midi dress can be very flattering especially if it hits the right part of your leg. You will look at your best if the hem hits just below the knee and not the widest part of the calf. If your dress ends at the widest part of your calf, you will definitely look shorter and your legs will look chubby and no one desires that look, right? Snow-Red-6 Midi dresses can be a little difficult if you are not a tall lady with long legs. To counter the height situation, I decided to go for my double sole heels because they will make me look taller and elongate my legs. I also chose them because the black colour brought out a terrific contrast with the white fabric of the dress. Snow-Red-8 I further added some colour with my red neckpiece and earrings to further infuse the red pop of the ensemble. The colour of the fabric gives you a wide range of choice with what you can complement it with. Snow-Red-2 The wet look Roberto Cavalli handbag was just the clear-cut fit to furnish the overall panache of the look. Snow-Red-11 There you go, I hope now you know what to go for when buying your midi dress and also how to dress it up! Thank you for stopping by , you can follow me on Instagram for more interaction, your feedback keeps me going. :-) Snow-Red-9

That’s it for today, till next time Ba-bye. :-) :-)

Outfit Details

Dress: Maxine’s Collection

Trench Coat: Toi Market

Shoes: CBD >> WBC

Shots Taken By:@Shaka_Guru