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Today I would like to share with you some stylish manly accessorising tips that will make you to stand out from the rest. These ensemble accoutrements can transform a somewhat regular outfit to something amazing. However, one important note you should keep in mind is that accessories do not make the outfit, their sole purpose is to complement the outfit and enhance the elegance of the look. Here are a few basic yet trendy accessories that will take you sense of style a notch higher:

Messenger Bag

Bags are not just items that are necessary for carrying your basic requirements depending on your lifestyle. They can be very classy accessories. You should acquire something flexible that can complement a variety of looks. The messenger bag in that case is quite versatile, it can suit both the official and casual looks. This bag can be found in different fabrics and you should get the one best suits your lifestyle. You can go for a leather messenger bag to execute an official look or go for a canvas messenger bag when you want to achieve a casual or relaxed look.



Hats are sometimes even termed as wardrobe staples for men. A hat may seem very easy to pull off but that is not the case. There are a selection of things that you need to consider before buying one. Since it is one garment that changes your face the most, you need to know which hat suits your face structure. In addition, the size should be a perfect fit whichever type of hat you prefer. There are numerous kinds of hats out there but the most popular ones are; the classic fedora, the kangol and snap backs. A hat can tell so much about your personality therefore when you choose, do it very carefully or you may end up looking rather ridiculous.


Pocket Square and Tie.

This is one exclusive combination that depicts a sense of refinement on any gentleman. The best way to wear your pocket square and tie is by letting them complement each other. These two when blended into a crisp suit exude exceptional sophistication. Together, they give a very dapper gentleman look.


Wallet & Money Clips

Generally, a wallet is also considered as a wardrobe essential by some. Slim wallets are the best type to prevent bulging out of your pockets. However, you should also select one which fits your needs, your personality and lifestyle; for instance if you are always traveling, a threefold wallet should suit you since it has high carrying capacity. For general purpose i.e some cash and a few cards, a billfold wallet is the best. Remember, when you are buying one take a keen look at the craftsmanship with which the wallet has been made to get the best quality.

Men3However, if you are looking for something much more stylish and you are avoiding even the slightest bulge in your pockets the money clips are your finest option. They are a more compact way of storing your cash and credit cards.


Cufflinks, Tie Chains and Tie Bars

These are exclusive accessories that speak of utter sophistication when put up in a gentleman’s attire ensemble. You can match the metal polish of these deluxe accessories with each other (e.g. the metal of the cufflinks and the tie bars) or with the buckle of your belt for instance.

Men5On the other hand, as long as they complement each other do not be afraid to mix up the metals and go with, coloured, pattered or novelty pieces. Funky or wild tie bars and tie chains for instance can add pop to an otherwise subdued guise. The colour of the tie and the shirt is worth reflecting upon when choosing a tie bars and cufflinks in order to get the perfect combination



You should take advantage of this relatively basic piece to bring in some flair into your outfit. The scarf brings out a combination of both form and function, however, finding one that works for you requires a bit of forethought. Choose the fabric depending on the season and occasion. Always go for soft, inconspicuous colours and patterns, they will never overpower your ensemble; but they will purely accent it in the just the right precision. The knots are determined by the season and your temperament, for instance; if you want it a little closer to your neck, the French knot is flawless, especially for completing a simple sweater.


Belt, Watch and Sunglasses

These are more of closet necessities than accessories, get an in-depth overview of them on my previous post of Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Sometimes you do not have to go big in order to be stylish, with some of these simple pieces you will not have to dig deep into your pockets and they will go a long way in giving of your general attire some oomph.

Where To Buy

Hats >> Toi Market & CBD

Messenger Bags >> Adam’s Market & Gikomba

Cufflinks, Ties, Pocket Square >> Garissa Shopping Malls & CBD

Scarf >> Toi Market & Gikomba

Wallet >> House Of Leather

Thank you for reading, have an awesome day! xx