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Today we will take a look at some of the best ways to take care of your artificial nails. There are quite a number of reasons why ladies go for the artificial nails, some are just drawn to the effortless daintiness of the nails and some even choose them in a bid to get rid of the nail-biting habit. Whatever your reason is caring for your nails does not stop just because you have artificial nails on. It actually is a MUST DO!
After LuxeNailParlour gave me a remarkable manicure, I first thought that it would be rather difficult for me to go about my regular errands especially because it was my first time and I was afraid of destroying them. To my delight, I can perform my activities without having any worries as long as I take good care of them.


Below are some of the ways I found out that you can care for your artificial nails as poor after care can lead to problems like deformities in nail growth, splitting, skin reactions, nail fungus or even lifting of the nail.

  • Avoid water.

Water and artificial nails or acrylic nails do not go well as water causes lifting. Dampness also leads to bacteria and fungi so you should ensure that you dry your nails thoroughly with a towel. You can use hand gloves to avoid contact with water and also to avoid any accidents that may lead to splitting or chipping.

Taking Care Of Artificial Nails

  • Washing your hands.

Your natural nails can easily be infected or damaged due to attack by bacteria. Every time you wash your hands you need to use antibacterial soap to protect your nails from bacterial infection.

Taking Care Of Artificial Nails 2

  • Drying hands.

You should ensure to dry your nails thoroughly with a towel after every time you use water. In case you have naturally moist hands, you can use baby powder which helps to wick away any moisture.

Taking Care Of Artificial Nails 1

  • Sanitize your nails.

Every night before sleeping, you need to swab your artificial nails with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. This way, your nails are cleansed of any bacteria and dirt that may be hidden under the nail. Better yet, a regular hand sanitizer will come in handy.

Taking Care Of Artificial Nails 3

  • Fixing.

Just in case you accidentally lift the bed or clip off part of your artificial nail, you need to visit your nail parlour or salon ASAP as water seepage may lead to fungal infection. Do not try to glue down the lifted bed by yourself. By going to the nail parlour or salon you will be advised to either remove the whole nail or just a little fixing is needed.

  • Filing.

If you want to shorten your nails, do not use a nail cutter as it may shutter your nail enhancements. You should use a file with large grit for better results.

Taking Care Of Artificial Nails 4

  •  Oiling.

You need to oil your nails at least once or twice per day to maintain the flexibility of your nails. If they are not well taken care of, there is a higher chance of becoming rigid and thus breaking at the end. Hand lotions with olive oil is are among the best options for this.

Taking Care Of Artificial Nails 5

If you want your artificial nails to last all you need to do is take good care of them as though they are your natural nails and not just some accessories. With these few tips you will maintain your artificial nails for quite some time

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