My First Artificial Nails Escapade:

Howdy loves :-)

For me to come up with today’s post, I had to push myself out of my comfort zone. I had never considered artificial nails before. I was rather sceptical at first but I decided to keep an open mind. At the end of the day I was glad I did it! Courtesy of Luxe Nails Parlour, my nails now have a stunning new look!


I liked how well they handled every bit of the process which made me feel secure and a lot more confident with the new look of my nails. This is how it was done.

  • Removal of Previous Polish:

old polish on my nails was taken off and my nails were thoroughly wiped with acetone free nail polish remover to guarantee there is no presence of either artificial or natural oils on my nails which would otherwise make the sticking of the artificial nails more difficult.

  • Soaking:

Before application of the fake nails, I was given a quick but meticulous manicure prep to retain the health of my nails and ensure that they stay put for the longest time possible. My nails were soaked in warm water with some body wash for roughly five minutes til they were nicely soft!


  • Trimming and Filing:

My nails were then trimmed to even them out leaving a bit of an edge to give the artificial nails somewhere to hold on to. They were then filed to a smooth edge.

  • Pushing Back of Cuticles:

While the nail beds were still soft from the soak, my cuticles were pushed back to ensure that the artificial nails were stuck onto my nails and not the skin.

Note: The cuticles were not trimmed since they are a layer of protection of the nail beds to prevent infection. Trimming them increases the risk of accumulation of dirt and germs.


  • Buffing:

The surface of my nails was buffed to create a slightly rough surface which would make it easy for the artificial nails to adhere, the dust was then wiped off.

  • Application of the nails:

With respect to the size of my nails each artificial piece was fitted on to my nails using some nail glue and a file was used to shape the bottom edges if necessary to perfectly line them up with my cuticles. Each was pressed for about 10 Seconds to ensure tight sealing against the nails.

  • Filing:

There are quite a number of shapes your nails can be filed into, mine were deftly worked on to achieve a seamless classic round shape

I was thoroughly taken by the brief hand massage given to me as I waited for the final touches, this took away all the built tension in my hands completely calming me down in readiness for the final step.


  • Decoration:

This is one of the parts that also pleased me most, the nail art was so dazzling that it left me grinning from ear to ear. A bright dense shade of pink with a dash of gold, black and some cute white dots.


Before my nails were done I could not imagine how they would look like after, would they be pretty? Would they suit my hands? Would they look natural? I had so many questions lingering my mind that even at one point I felt like I was betraying my natural nails :-) In the process I kept making some inquiries on a few details here and there which cleared out any doubts whatsoever, after which I felt so much better and at the end of it all, I LOVE the outcome :-)


I have great appreciation of Luxe Nails Parlour for giving my nails an outstanding new look and for being the inspiration of this post.  Pay them a visit, they are situated in Juja,  you will be glad you did it!

Thank you for reading, in the next post on nails, we will take a look at how to take care of the artificial nails. Have a lovely day beautiful people.

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Nail Fitting and Art By: Luxe Nails Parlour