Hello beautiful people :-)

I hope you are all having a great week so far. Today’s ensemble is that of an African inspired maxi dress with some lace fabric on it. I designed this delightful piece myself and then took the design to an upcoming fashion designer who deftly worked her embroidery magic and it came to being! :-) . I went for a fitting bodice and a full maxi skirt with pockets. Since there is a lot of fabric on the skirt, I thought it more appealing to have less fabric on the top and that is why I settled for the lace on the bodice. I took the pink shade for the lace so that it would wonderfully complement the rest of the fabric on the ensemble.

Ankara-Allure !

Voluminous maxi pieces are exceptionally stylish, versatile and quite literally very simple to don. They give a calm, smooth, exquisite and peaceful character that will give you graceful style. The Ankara dresses exude an extremely polished look This outfit can be worn to a glamorous events such as weddings and engagement parties, family gatherings or even just on Sundays to church! One notable advantage the maxi Ankara dresses have is that they give you round the clock allure. Their versatility could seamlessly transition you from the vivacity of a summer afternoon to the night time enjoyment of any holiday season.

Ankara-Allure 1.0

The pockets are another plus in the list of the merits of this dress, it will enable you to just carry a small clutch purse since you can put some of your stuff in the pocket without the pockets bulging out due to the full skirt.


The other element that brings out the edgy and sophisticated bit of the dress is the detail on its sides. It makes it look a bit puffier and with just a gentle breeze the dress can be slightly lifted to make a blissful canopy. With the side detail, you can show off your gorgeous shoes without necessarily having to lift the dress :-)



When it comes to accessorizing, how you want the look to appear will determine the embellishments you choose. You can titivate the piece to give it a formal knack or better yet just don it as a modest yet refined signature piece. I decided to accessorize this dress with non-African jewelry to give the outfit have a modern look and that is why I also went for the white strappy heels. This combination is unanimously flattering and its timelessness will enable you to easily make a statement with the look.

Ankara-Allure 2.1

Having an attractive scent will enhance the dreamy feel of any outfit, especially if you are attending an event where you will mingle with people here and there. You will get a hold of multiple senses of anyone who gets close to you. Your striking look will spark some excitement into those who will set their eyes upon you and the fragrance will mesmerize anyone in your proximity! :-) The scent that swept me away here was the sensual and fruity Ralph Lauren-Big Pony(pink) fragrance  courtesy of La Bouss Scents.

Ankara-Allure 1.0

That’s it for today, thank you for reading! :-)

Outfit Details

Ankara Maxi Dress >> R & M Fashions (randmfashionz@gmail.com)

Shoes >> Backyard Shoes

Watch >> Gifted

Fragrance >> La Bouss Scents

Shots Taken By : @Shaka_Guru