Denim on Denim

Hey guys :-)

I know it seemed like I had forgotten about you this festive season but that is not the case, today I have something for you too. In the next couple days, most of you will be involved in activities that will require you to ditch your suit for something casual. And what better way to get casual than denim? Yes, the denim on denim look, however, not with the regular denim pants or rather long trousers. The denim short with a denim shirt is quite a unique look that will push you to go out of your comfort zone.


  • The Shirt

For the shirt, a long sleeved denim with some splashes of faded whitish patches is just the right amount of edgy that you need for this. You can further push the macho aura of the look by slightly folding the sleeves in a distorted kind of way just a bit for exposure of your “wrist game” i.e. the bracelets, nice piece of watch and anything else you may have on! In addition, if you have any neck accessories, you can slightly expose them by leaving one or two upper buttons open to enhance the touch of style. But the piece shouldn’t be too long so that the pendant of the chain for instance doesn’t remain hidden underneath.



  • Shorts

Shorts can be quite tricky to wear although most people might not agree to this. Some of the key aspects one should consider when purchasing shorts is the length, fitting and your body type. And this does not only apply to denim, it is applicable in all types of fabric



  •          The Best Length.

The Best Length is just at the kneecap. If your shorts are around 2 inches above your knees then they are short shorts and they tend to make your legs look longer while those below the knees tend to shorten your legs.

  •             The Right Fitting.

Getting the right fitting is very important since too loose or too tight clothing can be unflattering to your general body frame. With the right fit, you will experience absolute comfort and you will be able to manoeuvre easily without feeling uncomfortable.


  •             Your Body Type.

Men who have long legs should go for the longer shorts as they tend to make their legs shorter while those with shorter legs should go for the shorter shorts. Those with heavier builds should go for knee length shorts as they are more flattering to their physique.


You can heighten the edgy feeling of the look by going for an unfinished pair of shorts as seen, bringing out a casual, unique and stylish look!

  • Shoes

For shoes, you can go for a pair of sport shoes sneakers or a pair some fine converse shoes. Here, the denim is exceptionally complemented by the designer Nike Air Max Sneakers, which complete the look remarkably well!!


Till next time guys, make yourself stand out from the rest :-) :-)



Outfit Details.

Denim Shirt & Short: Adam’s Market

Nike Air Max Sneakers: CBD

Shots Taken by: @Shaka_Guru