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I have always been a big fan of the A-line dress especially because it may possibly be the most versatile dress known to the world of fashion. I am sure that everyone has a go-to pair of denim jeans or shirt but have you ever thought of a chambray dress? The chambray fabric (almost always confused with denim) and the A line dress design are both classic incarnations which never go out of style. If you do not own one, I feel that it’s safe to say that you are missing out!

My outfit today consists of a cute slightly retro dress made from the softest wash of chambray. The structure of this dress; a fitted bodice which slightly flares out at the waist onwards tends to bring out some sweet girlishness. In addition, this dress gives room for a lot of energetic charge because it brings a chic feeling of absolute freedom.

Chambray-1 There is no limit of where you can wear it. You can don the chambray dress to achieve a pretty and polished up look during the day just to attend class or wear it as a low key yet bold piece for a casual afternoon.

Chambray-3 What makes this dress more applaud worthy is the button-work details and decorations on the torso. They make the dress stand out even more and they do away with the need of having a neck-piece.

Chambray-5 The embellishments to my hair added a touch of colour and personality to the ensemble making it lovelier. The hair beautifications unveiled my inner playfulness which I felt was so flattering.

Chambray-4 I completed the outfit with a burst of deep red oval-shaped hollow earrings which upped the ante of the super refined look. The intensity of colour in both the hair accessories and the earrings brought out a gorgeous contrast with the chambray dress as well, nicely finishing off this effortless look.

Chambray-back-1 I decided to toughen up the girly aura a little with some black lace up heeled boots which really complemented the dress, making the look even sassier. Their colour makes them quite flexible since they can be paired up with a wide range of outfits. Their suitability for any type of weather is yet another plus that these boots come with.

Boots The traditional blue wash of chambray pieces give you an opportunity to combo up the dress with virtually anything. Very few pieces hit the fashion trifecta quite like the chambray dress. It can suit any type of personality and in fact, it will successfully solve any of your sudden wardrobe dilemmas.

Chambray-6 You can never go wrong with it as it is a season-less staple even though it is majorly adopted for looks in warmer weather. Step away from your predictable denim and switch it up with a pretty chambray dress. You will definitely be surprised how this trendy and universally flattering look will turn your day around.

 Chambray-backThank you for reading have a lovely week ahead! xx  :-) :-)

Outfit Details

Chambray Dress >> Toi Market

Boots >> Veteran House

Accessories >> Dubois Road

Shots Taken By >> @Shaka_Guru