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Valentine’s Day is finally here and some of us may still not be decided on what we want to do or what gifts to give your loved ones. This evening I would like to give you some very easy yet priceless DIY (do it yourself) gift ideas, some of which you will spend very little or no money!

  1. Photo Album.

It is said that photos are means by which moments are frozen in time and made to last for eternity. Making for your valentine a personalized photo album with photos of wonderful times you have spent together all through is a very thoughtful idea. As you peruse through the photos with the special person you made the album for, all these precious moments will come to life bringing back a spark of delight you had at that instance in time.

Thoughtful DIY Valentine Gift Ideas 2.1

  1. Lace Candle Holder.

I know now there are quite a number of light sources that can be used especially as a result of the ever growing technology. However, candles are thought to be very romantic instruments of lighting up a space. To elevate the presence of romance in the air, you can set the mood by using DIY lace candle holders. They change the ambiance of the room by beautifully redirecting the rays of distributed light. This is a sure way of sweetening up the passionate mod of the evening. All you need for this is a glass, some lace and glue or fabric fastener. Stick, or tie the lace around the glass and the candle holder is ready!! :-)

Thoughtful DIY Valentine Gift Ideas 1.0

  1. A Heartfelt Meal.

Ladies, this is among the oldest tricks in the book. In fact, I am sure you have heard of the old adage; “The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach” Thus, what better way is there to get to your man’s heart on this special day? Especially if you do not cook often. You can dedicate yourself and prepare a romantic meal from a special recipe or better yet, make him his favourite meal. For the gentlemen, committing yourself to preparing a mouth-watering delicacy for your lovely lady is a sure way of showing her how much you care. Remember to set the table in a passionate way! :-)

Thoughtful DIY Valentine Gift Ideas 1.2

  1. You.

Here, I saved the best for the last. The most precious gift you can give to your loved one is simply yourself. And by this I mean spending some quality time. Give them some of your time by just talking and listening to them. You can do this by just going on a nature walk to watch the sunset, a walk on the beach or to some relaxing spot that you both like and enjoy. This way, you will get to connect on a much deeper level with your valentine.

Thoughtful DIY Valentine Gift Ideas 1.1

These little tips will get you a long way with the emotional connection that you are looking to have with those you appreciate most in your lives.

A few days ago, I saw this challenge or rather competition on Lucia Musau’s blog ( She is one of the brilliant people who inspired me to start my own blog. She is doing a collaboration with Hello Food (,  an online food delivery service that has made it outstandingly easier for us to order food in Kenya and a variety of other parts of the world. I checked them out and the site is impressive, there was a customer service personnel ready to chat with me live :-) Their android app even makes it easier to reach their services, it is very easy to use, both the site and the app give you information on what restaurants are close to your current location, what’s on their menu and their price list. With  Hello Food, you can even know whether the restaurant is open or closed depending on the time you want to order.
Going back to No. 3 on my gift ideas,in case you do not have much time to prepare the meal, you can also use this service to bring some Valentine’s Day Special meals right to your doorstep for your romantic evening.


Sad to say, I personally have not had a chance to use their services as I am not within the radius of their delivery. So the first thing I would recommend for them is to spread their wings and increase the reach-ability of their service to more parts of the country :-) It would be exceptionally advantageous especially during exam periods for instance, for JKUAT Main Campus students like me.

I am thankful for this precious opportunity from Lucia and I hope to see more of these interactive posts for both to her audience and newbie bloggers like me. I would also love to know what has kept you (Lucia) that dazzling all along; posts on diet recommendations, workout regimens and product reviews of products that you use to keep your skin glowing and your body as fit as it is will be much appreciated.

Lucia Musau

Thank you all for reading. Have a lovely Valentines. xx