Hey there, how’s the going so far…I hope it’s smooth. Dark circles under the eyes are rather common in ladies of all ages. Today we are going to look at a variety of home remedies that are going to help you diminish, prevent and even get rid of them. However, the first step of solving any problem is by finding out its cause, this way, you will have in depth knowledge on how best to deal with it.

Common Causes of Under Eye Dark Circles

Weakening of The Skin: With age advancement there is a tendency of the skin under the eyes to weaken and become thinner, increasing the visibility of blood vessels and thus bringing out an appearance of dark circles.

Damage By UV: Too much exposure to the Ultra Violet rays from the sun also weakens the skin and could accelerate the appearance of dark circles.

Retention of Fluids: The blood vessels under eyes could end up being dilated and enlarged or rather puffy as a result of fluid retention due to excessive consumption of dietary salt. Medical conditions such as liver & heart diseases, anaemia and some treatments that cause fluid retention could also result to dilation of blood vessels. Smoking also leads to vascular conditions >> dark circles

Allergic Reactions: Dark circles can also be brought about by allergic reactions to dust and pollen for instance which lead to itchiness on the eyes. Allergic reactions to food can also contribute to appearance of dark circles

Lack of Sleep: Blood vessels are more prominent through the skin leading to appearance of dark circles due to lack of sleep which makes the skin paler. Lack of sleep could also lead to stress and fatigue both which lead to tired looking and pale skin, increasing the prominence of dark circles

Dehydration: dehydration leads to dilation of blood vessels. Too much caffeine and alcohol can also lead to dehydration. In addition alcohol and smoking also decrease oxygen supply to the skin leading to dehydration.

Home Remedies Of Under Eye Dark Circles

Cold Cucumber: Place a large cucumber into a fridge until it gets a very low temperature and slice it into roughly 1.3cm slices. Lay somewhere on the back of your head and place a slice each on your eyes for about 15 min and remove them. In place of cucumber you can also use slices of potato a cold spoon or some cold tea bags (apart from herbal). The main aim here is to get the cold temperature on your eyes.

cucumber slices-dark circles

Enough Sleep & Rest: 7-8 hours of shut eye sleep every single night will prevent stress, fatigue and help diminish the dark circles under your eyes and even improve your health.

Proper Hydration: drink sufficient amount of water every day, about 8-10 glasses and refrain from excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption

UV- Protection: To prevent weakening of the skin by sun damage, wear sunscreen which has a protection of at least SPF 30. Sun glasses are also a great means of UV protection

Sun glasses Uv protection


Proper Diet & Supplements: Consume plenty of Vitamin C daily. Vitamin C maintains the great condition of blood vessels which will prevent formation of dark circles. You can either consume it in form of supplements or consume foods rich in vitamin C such as berries and oranges

vitamin C (orange) ender eye dark circles Vitamin C - dark Circles

Make Up: Acquire a proper concealer that is going to enable you to cover up the dark circles under your eyes. To know how best to select your make up, check here.

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