Hello there :-)

Today being a Saturday I would like to share with you an easy pedicure tutorial that you can easily do it by yourself. This nail art design is quite simple

yet very attractive! :-)


1. As always, the first step is removing any previous nail polish using nail polish remover.

2. Next, cut your nails to the desired length and then file them. Also, file the top of your nails using a nail buffer to smoothen them as this will also enable the polish to stay longer without chipping.

3. After that, soak your feet in warm water. When I do this I like to add salt, baking soda and some olive oil into my water as I demonstrated here.

4. Soak your feet for about 10min, your feet are still damp you can scrub them using a pumice stone to remove the dead skin from under your feet to make them softer.

5. Rinse them, at them dry with a towel then apply some olive oil to further soften them.

6. Now using a cotton ball and nail polish remover, clean your nails to remove any traces of oil or soap if any. This will also enable your pedicure to last longer.


At this point, your toe nails are now ready for polish and you can choose the colours that you want on your toes. In this pedicure I used;

Luron Basecoat

Luron no17 (purple)

Luron White

Luron Topcoat

1. Always start by applying a basecoat onto your nails to protect your nails from discolouring and also to smoothen out any dents on your nails.

2. For this particular art, the next step was to apply 2 coats of the white polish on the big toe of the left foot and also on the other little toes of the right foot, followed by applying 2 coats of the purple polish on the big toe of the right foot and also on the other little toes of the left foot.

3. After letting the polish completely dry, I cut four strips of masking tape and stuck them on the big toes in an upside down V-shape but not to the top of the toe

NOTE: When using masking tape for a V-shape design you need to ensure that at the tip of the V, both tapes are perfect and 1 is no longer than the other tape as it will show after you apply the polish.

4. After ensuring that both V-shapes are symmetrical, on the toe with the white polish I applied the purple polish and on the toe with the purple polish I applied the white polish on the top side (outside of the V-shape) Immediately after applying each polish, remove the tapes before the polish begins to dry.

5. After this, I then put the dots on the big toes with different colours using a tooth pick then the little diagonal strips on the sides of each little toe with the different colour.

6. Finally, I summed it all up with applying a top coat to all the toes.

Although these steps may seem to be a lot but when you do them like 2 times a month, you will learn to enjoy it and even get better at it with time. Take some time off and try out this easy pedicure with colours of your choice and you can share below how it went for you. It is something wonderful to keep you busy on a lazy Saturday!

Keep enjoying your weekend…see you next week :-)