Hello beautiful people :-) :-)

I hope you are all doing well. It has been quite some time since I last posted…I hope today’s post will be worth that wait.

Today’s post consists of something special, at least that is what I feel about it…. One of my first creations as a seamstress! I was not really sure about how it would turn out so I kept crossing my fingers all through…and eventually it ended up being something inspiringly lovely!

Floral dress

I went for violet fabric for the top for I felt it was time to move on from the regular and somewhat lacklustre, blues, greys and blacks…the colour excites me most for it has been a depiction of royalty, opulence and prestige since time immemorial. The colour violet, or if you prefer purple was in fact once forbidden for anyone to wear except for the distinct members of the royal family in the reign of Queen Elizabeth somewhere in the Mid-16th Century to the beginning of the 17th Century! Back then, it was so outrageously expensive for the common man to afford it! Thanks to technology and the changing times, anyone can have it now! :-)

floral dress with wedgesI also did a little something I learnt with the sleeves, the petal sleeves which made the top stand out even more…. from the waist down, I went even bigger with pomp and colour….I picked a stripped mesh fabric with a white nuance in the background which exceptionally brought out the underlying floral print in it since as it acted as a neutral backdrop. One interesting detail that makes me cherish the fabric on the skirt section is its perforated pattern which makes it a tiny bit see-through if you get too close to it…however, since the perforated pattern is alternating, it does not show much.

Vilolet and floral dressThe purple top and the floral section complemented each other nicely in the dress without competing, creating a stunningly bold and playful look.

floral dress with pearl accessoriesFor accessories I went for the classic gemstones, a pearl neckpiece accompanied by some pearl earrings. Pearls are basic style accessories which will always make an elegant statement. The necklace was a tad chunky which brought contemporary sophistication to the ensemble whereas the earrings capitalized on the matching necklace to unleash a chic and ladylike look. Pearls could be such feminine pieces when incorporated into accessories, beautifully drawing more attention to your look.

floral and violet dressWhen it came to the shoes, I picked these white beauties with a minty wedge to complete the outfit with some more colour. I loved how they powerfully connected with the rest of the ensemble adding to its bold and refined playfulness.

floralThis combination easily brings out a sweet and feminine daytime look with a classic and graceful twist which could effortlessly be transitioned into an evening stroke of genius that will make an unforgettable statement!

pearl accessories

Thank you for reading, till next time. Au revoir! :-)

Outfit Details

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Shoes >> Backyard Shoes

Accessories >> Dubois Road

Shots Taken By @Shaka_Guru